Issues loading CoRE on android 2.3.5+ app

It seems that the mobile app has been updated to include a timeout when loading pages, which causes CoRE to become unavailable. Whenever I load CoRE to edit it takes 10-15seconds sometimes because I have 35+ pistons. it seems that the new version of smartthings times out after 10 seconds of trying to load the smartapps settings.

I was able to revert to 2.3.1 and am able to access CoRE…

Your not alone it’s affecting iOS as well. I reported the errors and findings a couple days ago to the people responsible for repair at ST.

Good to know. I was at least able to find an older apk for android. do you have any workaround for iOS?

I have the same issues even getting to Automations | SmartApps let alone CoRE afterwards. Didn’t report it yet as I figured there many with the same issue on Android Marshmallow and Nougat.

How did you revert? I’m not sure where to find the old code? I can’t get in to start transferring all my pistons over to Webcore.


I downloaded the old version from APK mirror.

@ady624 just merged a patch that will speed up the load time of initial CoRE page so that users with more pistons won’t be affected by the reduced timeout window. Feel free to reach out to me if you are still experiencing issues after updating CoRE :slight_smile:

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I removed the running/paused counters - those were causing the slow main page. Please update CoRE

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That fixed loading, but still having timeouts in the app, when I create or try to modify pistons many pages will say “there was a problem processing your request.” or “unable to save”… etc reverting to the old app fixed the issue and I was able to create/modify.

Do I have to downgrade the Smartthings App?

My pistons are not even working and the Core does not come up…

I did have to downgrade, but I did so only to reference my core build and rebuild them in webCoRE.

When is the last time you updated CoRE? @ady624 made a change to improve the load time of the initial page.

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I have it all figured out. I updated the release and started to work. I actually just moved on over to webcore. Works great. Thanks for the follow up.

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