New to Smartthings SmartApp - Several questions

I am brand new to using the Smartthings Hub, devices and now have tried my real first SmartApp. I have gone through (I think) all the online doc, but still have some questions. I hope this is the right place to ask…

Once I publish my SmartApp (to me) and I find that I need to update it, I edit it again, and then just publish it again - Does this just “replace” my previous SmartApp, and only leave me with one SmartApp on my Android phone app ?

I start the SmartApp on my Android phone, enter the “inputs” and let it run… Now I want to alter an “input”, do I just select the SmartApp again, go through the “inputs” again with some change, and let it run - does this just update the “inputs”, and I am just running my SmartApp again with the updates?

How do I really know the SmartApp is running besides monitoring the “live logging” ? Is there a flag somewhere that shows me all running SmartApps?

What is the best way to kill/uninstall my SmartApp if I think something is going wrong ??

My last question is on notifications - I set up my SmartApp with the code for “contacts” or to enter an specific phone number from preferences, inputs. For some reason, I don’t seem to see the ability to select a contact, but the SmartApp does ask for a phone number, which I enter and all seems to work OK. The contacts issues is not a priority to me, as I only want the sms message to go to my ( single phone). I see that there is code that is one line "sendNotification (“My message”, [ method: “phone”, phone: “1234567890”]) that looks like it would work to just send a notification to 1234567890, without a preference, inputs statement… Just easier and less code… Is this correct ??

Sorry for multiple questions in one entry - just not sure how to use this forum…
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Welcome to the journey!

When you change it in the IDE it will change on your mobile app…there is no ‘push’ necessary.

When you “Save” to exit your smartapp the settings (new ones) should be saved and run with those settings.

The app doesn’t really run all of the time…it is either triggered or scheduled…SmartThings is very particular about having things ‘loop’ as it is a cloud service.

Usually there is a remove at the bottom of the app. Once removed, it SHOULD be gone (SmartThings is sometimes quirky…but in theory that is how it works).

There is a way to set up the contacts with name, but the basic programming is to allow phone numbers.

Hope that helps…


Thank you Michael,
I am starting to understand the big picture better. I have made some updates now to my SmartApp and I see that they do take effect right away. Still playing, and having fun…

Just to confirm on my question on notifications… I can just add a statement into myHandler code – sendNotification (“My message”, [ method: “phone”, phone: “1234567890”]) – without any preference/section/input statement, to just simplify my code - correct ??

Again, Thanks…

Correct…you don’t have to have an input to send to a number…you can use an internal variable to the program. That makes it ‘personalized’, so don’t hand it out to everyone :slight_smile:

Thanks Michael,


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One more question…
I want to install the Fortrezz Siren/Strobe SSA2USR, if it will be able to operate in strobe only. I want to add it to my SmartApp, but I have searched for the device handler and have still to find it, so I don’t know if there is a “capability” function to control JUST the strobe, and not kick off the siren… So that is one question and the second, a more general question, is there a way to find the “capabilities” of other devices, either through some website or GitHub ???


I can’t help you with the strobe, but remember, some things are recognized by SmartThings by default, so most of the time you don’t need a custom DTH. In fact, custom DTHs are sometimes more trouble than they are worth depending on what capabilities that developer decided to leave in/take out. I always go for default when I can. With regard to your Fortrezz, it appears to be in the Marketplace, so you might just get lucky and it will work.

With regard to the capabilities are you referring to what parameters area available to you? You can find that if you DO have custom code and just look at the capabilities section, or you can do it programmically through the code ({device}.capabilities)

Thanks for all your help…

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