Help with Philips Hue and Motion Sensors scenarios

I currently have setup some Hue lights all over the house along with some motion sensors. For example, on the stairs leading to the living room/kitchen, I have setup a motion sensor that turns on the lights as you approach the stairs.

I setup Smartthings to turn off the lights automatically after 20 min, but there are periods of time when someone is in the kitchen for more than 20 min. How can I setup the motion sensor and lights to turn off, to let’s say when I leave the living room/kitchen.

I do have another sensor on the stairs that controls the lights on the hallway as I leave the living room then another motion sensor at the end of the hallway that leads into the bedroom. This is one is also set up to turn on the hallway lights when I leave the bedroom. The hallway lights are set to turn off after 5 min.

So that brings me to my question: how do I make use of all those sensors to turn off the lights in the living room when no one is in the room?

Thank you.

Brand and model of the motion sensors?

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A few Iris Motion Sensors and a few Philips ones.

Are the Phillips motion sensors connected to the hue bridge, or connected directly to SmartThings?

The Hue sensors is connected to the Hue Bridge and the bridge connected to Smartthings, and the Iris Sensors are connected directly to ST.

OK, smartthings doesn’t have any way of controlling the Hue sensors which are connected to the hue bridge, so you just have to do whatever you can do within the hue app.

Hue offers the “Hue labs formulas” with some app options that are still in beta. They have a whole bunch of these for the motion sensor, some of which sound like they might fit some of your use cases. So you should definitely check those out.


As far as the other sensors, you’ll be able to do much more complicated rules with those, just depending on how you want to set them up. :sunglasses: see the following ( this is a clickable link)

I was actually able to use a code found on this forum and connected the Hue sensors to ST, so they work that way also.

OK, if you have them controllable by SmartThings, then they fall into the same group is the other sensors. For some of these cases you’ve described, you will probably need webcore, it just depends on the details. :sunglasses:

Ok, so I’ll look into webcore. I guess I’m struggling a bit with the use case and the scenario of turning them off.

with WebCore you can do something like

When Motion Changes to Active
With Light1, Light2 …
Turn On
Set Color/Leve
Wait X Minutes
Turn off

If you set X to 5m as long as there is motion every 5m lights stay on (for example) much more complex things are possible - check out examples at

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You might look at the rooms manager smart app by @bangali
I have found it much nicer than a collection of disconnected rules for managing my lighting automations.