Hue Lights


I have set-up two Hue lights outside that I am currently having some issues with.

My first issue is I would like them to turn on and off with sunset/sunrise. I’ve downloaded an IFTTT widget that seems to work randomly. If I view the status on my phone it tells me the widget runs everyday, but the lights do not seem to follow the command.

The second issue is, I have a motion sensor that I would like to use to trigger the lights going brighter when motion is sensed and the lights are on. After a time period of 10 minutes (or similar) I would like them to return back to the lower setting.

Any comments would be appreciated.


Are the hue lights connected to. Philips Hue Brisge or directly to the ST hub? Also, are you using the SmartThings Classic app or the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app?

Instead of ifttt to turn on/off lights, consider using smart lighting.

You should be able to create smart lighting rules to detect motion and set your light levels.


look to webcore it can be as simple or complicated an automation as you would like. Also connection type is important. So hows it setup.

Thanks for the quick responses…

My hues are connected only to the Bridge and I have nothing beyond the basic set-up.

I will look into the suggestions made here.