New to Smart things - multi sensor battery life


I just received my Smart Things hub v2, motion sensor, and multi purpose sensor yesterday.

I placed the multi sensor on a door about 15 feet from the hub. It’s working great, but since i set it up about 14 hours ago the battery life has gone from showing 100% to 88%.

Is this battery usage normal (12% drop in less than a day)? If not, any suggestions on what could be the problem?


The SmartThings sensors actually report battery life in bands. After 100%, the next stop is 88% - so a new sensor reporting 88% fresh out of the box is quite normal (you’ll never see 99%, 98%, 97%…90%, 89%).

The multi-sensor on my front door reported 88% when I installed it in October last year - it’s still going strong on that first set of batteries.

Chuckles is right. Although a few of my multi’s are down to 25%. I’ve been looking for 4A batteries just to be prepared, but haven’t found any. =/

Great, thanks for the information! :smile:

I found mine at a Batteries Plus. Hopefully there is one of those nearby.

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Amazon is a good source for AAAA batteries and I have found them at Lowes as well.

I bought a bunch of open/close sensors off monoprice for $20. Don’t have my hub yet but I hope the quality is comparable. For half the price I had to try. Thought I would post before you order a ton more multi

It just depends on whether your only looking for open closed, or want more that the multi can offer