Multi Function Sensor Battery life

Bought two multi function sensors directly from SmartThings in March. Both were installed in the same room, one on the washer, one on the dryer. The one on the washer just pushed a notification warning it was at 11% battery remaining. The one on the dryer still shows 100% battery. What gives?

I may be incorrect, but I believe it’s a known issue. I also am under the impression that ST has changed manufacturers very recently, and the issue has been corrected.

I have the same problem. The deck door, which rarely gets used and is under 10 m from the hub (one sheetrock wall between), yet after only 1.5 months is showing 66%. Other sensors, which are much farther away are showing more battery life.

I don’t believe this is isolated to ST though. I recently purchased several Monoprice and Iris sensors. >50% of those are showing 77% after less than a month of service.

Battery manufacturers or the whole sensor? Will I continue to have poor battery life on this one sensor? Will Smartthings swap this one for the new version under warranty?

In the mean time I ordered a bunch of batteries from Amazon…

It’s how often the sensor get woke up that consume the battery life.

In your case, the one on washer, I’m pretty sure it send a lot more vibration signal, thus uses more battery.

I’ve a door that I hardly open, the battery still remain 100% after many month, while the other door, open and close daily and very frequently, it’s on 2nd battery and around 70% now

hmm…maybe. Although we generally do laundry once a week. Three loads. Interesting…

Logically I could come to the same conclusion. However, I have found a couple of exceptions to this. One example, as noted above, is my deck door sensor.

I’ve also ordered a bunch of new batteries. My plan is to swap out the dying and monitor both their usage and usable life. At this juncture I have no data point, so it makes it difficult to come to any conclusions about the sensors.

My hope is that the batteries sent with the devices at time of purchase were somewhat suspect, and that the new batteries will resolve the problem.

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