Expanding my HA set up

As I continue to expand my HA setting at home, I want to add some switches.

Background: I started with smart bulbs (Cree, GE Link and Hue) because I thought I had no neutral wiring on my switches, but I actually do they were just sort of hidden. So in my kitchen and living room I have Hue bulbs and strips. In the breakfast area I have 1 Cree connected bulb.nook I have smart bulbs. I also have 2 GE link for 2 lamps in my master bedroom, and 1 additional GE link for the upstairs hallway. Also a smart plug that I bought for Christmas tree lights. Ecobee 3. Lightify gardenspot for driveway. Ring doorbell pro for entrance which I want to connect to my driveway lights, but I have not done yet.

New Project: I want to add some switches to the non common areas since I do not really need any color on those such bathroom, laundry, guest room or entry foyer. I also think that it will be more cost effective to change switches rather then adding smart light bulbs Where should I start? I have a baby on the way, and for the baby nursery, we already planned on adding a ceiling fan/light feature which is at home waiting to be installed. I also plan on adding 1 color light bulb for a lamp. So should I start by adding the switches to that room? and then move to the guest room then bathrooms?

My home currently has toggle switch which I do not like, so when adding switches I am switching them to paddle instead. If I want automation in the bathrooms, i.e. lights turning on automatically, will I want a motion sensor or a door sensor?

Please share your ideas or set up. I am still a newbie, so I am very open to feedback. Thanks!!!

You REALLY need to start at what’s important to you. Sounds like the baby room and a bathroom.

If your putting the light and fan in there. If you have a switch for each (1 for light, 1 for fan). I would start there I used the GE switches for my room. Dimmer for light and fan controller for fan. As for lamp I would think that is where you would want an RGB smart bulb or somerhing like that. Set low light or reddish color at night?

As for bathroom I suggest a motion sensor at the minimum, also a door closed sensir would help with automation. Possibly a smart dimmer for overhead light.

I’d say it’s whatever you feel like tackling and your budget can handle.

Repeaters are the real backbone of a mesh network and switches are the primary devices used as repeaters in a SmarThings home. I would recommend a mixture of Z-wave and ZigBee switches to ensure both major protocols have adequate coverage throughout your home. This will insure that battery-operated ZigBee and Z-wave sensors and door locks work properly when you get around to adding them.

There is only one switch since it is only a light right now. So I am getting a fan + light fixture, so I can turn on off the the fan/light from the wall and use the remote control to control the fan

I have a question. the nursery room has 2 swtiches. 1 switch to turn the ceiling light one, and another to turn on the electrical outlet… I don’t know what is best… the light fixture is gonna be change to a fan with light, so do i want to change both switches to Zwave on/off switches? or so i want to change the one that will control the ceiling light/fan to on and off, and leave the other as normal, but switch the electrical outlet to zwave outlet?