New to HA, Trying to understand What I Would Need

I am working to figure out how to get started. I have 4 120V devices on my patio that I want to control as my initial system. It will of course grow from there, but I have to start with something I need and can understand some of the basics. Plus I can buy it now and then open up the dreaming.

To build this simple system, all I think I need is a SmartThings hub and two double receptacle’s. I looked on the works with smartthings and there is a Kasa 2 outlet device with both receptacles. What I don’t understand is, if I want to have a smart switch to also control one of these outlets, is that possible with the hub?

I know this is a pretty basic question, I just need to get started, so I don’t start running all of these wires outside, digging the trenches, etc.

If all you want is those four outlets and a switch, you don’t need a SmartThings hub at all. You can just use the TP Link Kasa app.

Later on if there are other devices or more complex rule sets that you want to get into, you can start looking at SmartThings or another hub-based system. But as long as you stick with Wi-Fi devices, you don’t need one. :sunglasses:

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