I'm new to home automation and need some advice!

Hi all. Completely new to the whole home automation thing. At the moment all I have is a Warmup 4ie thermostat. I am looking to try and add a lot more though and after doing a bit of research it seems the ST hub is a good starting place.

Ideally to start with I’d like to intergrate my 4ie with the hub, which I have found a thread on here explaining how to that seems fairly straight forward. And I’d like to add the ability to turn my lights off and certain electrical items, tv etc. Automatically when I leave the house.

Again I’m completely new to all this, but is this fairly simple to set up? And if so what types of products do people recommend? As far as electrical items go I’d rather control the main sockets rather than have to have a “smart socket” plugged in and then the electrical item plugged into that

Are you in the USA or U.K.?

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(Welcome! I’ve moved this to projects so you can get individualized answers based on your own setup and requirements. :sunglasses:)

As @Automated_House mentioned, we’ll need to know whether you’re in the US or Europe as the device selection does vary quite a bit.

Also, you might want to take a look at the “get started” project reports list in the quick browse section of the community – created wiki. It will take you to topics like “the top 10 best things to do with SmartThings” and “what device should I get next?” That should give you a better sense of what kinds of things are possible.


As to whether it’s easy or not, that varies a great deal depending on the specifics of the project. :wink:

Thanks for the quick responses. I’ll definitely take a look at the different threads. And I’m in based in the U.K.

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