New temperature sensor limited to -10 to 50 Fahrenheit as a trigger

My SmartThings app says a temperature sensor from Sonoff can only report between -10 and 50 degrees F when the temperature is used as a trigger in a routine.
This is really odd.
The current temperature it is reporting is already over 70 degrees F.

I’ve checked its settings on Groovy IDE, and there is no option to change the sensors internal unit from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
(I don’t think the -10 to 50 degrees range signifies that it’s in the Celsius mode to begin with, because the range is too limiting even in Celsius.)

Does anyone have an idea what’s going on?

I have the same problem. Just keep trying it every few minutes and you’ll eventually get fahrenheit numbers back. Mine just keeps going back and forth.

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You were right. The trigger eventually showed the numbers in Fahrenheit.