New ST HW launches at IFA?

I wonder if the current ST discounts worldwide and the long lasting ‘out of stock’ and N/A labels we see in the UK for almost all ST HW are signs that ST will announce/launch new stuff at IFA in a few days?

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Unfortunately ST is not present at IFA this year.

Samsung is, in a big way, although it looks like they will be emphasizing the new Gear 3 smart watch and the new curved screen monitors.

If they don’t mention SmartThings in connection with the watch, that seems to me like a bad sign, since Apple is pushing their watch integration with HomeKit for their next release.

Like we need more bad signs…I am starting to wonder how long before we face Revolv part two…

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That wouldn’t be a total surprise. SmartThings have not delivered on Samsung’s public announcement that its 2016 smart TVs will have full smart home integration.

all Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TVs will apply IoT hub technology, allowing the TV itself to act as the controller for the entire smart home. Samsung developed its own IoT hub technology with SmartThings for 2016 SUHD TVs.

The 2016 TVs have shipped without SmartThings Extend dongle, which was promised “later this summer”. Well, with only three days on summer left, it looks like SmartThings have dropped the ball again.

I would imagine that Mr. Hyun Suk Kim, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, who made this announcement in 2015 is quite pissed right now.


And with the soon to be released Philips hue motion sensor and their control of automatons from their app, I can replace my motion sensors and have a lot of my automations no longer handled by ST.

I will only need them for contact sensors and switches relating to lights.


I may have to replace some GE switches with regular switches and just go back to bulbs only. With how little my power goes out I’m willing to deal with all of the bulbs coming back on full brightness to get the kind of reliability that Phillips has displayed.


Technically, the summer ends on September 21st this year.


No chance. They quietly replaced “later this summer” with “later in 2016” on the FAQ page. I guess December 31st is the new shipping date. :wink:

Can you imagine what it would be like if they release something they don’t consider to be ready?

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Right, they wouldn’t want to repeat a disaster of V2 launch, would they? :smile_cat: