New sonoff zigbee

Ah yes just changed it from the Zigbee Motion Sensor to the Smartsense Motion Sensor which runs local. Seems to work fine so far!

I take it back, Smartsense Motion Sensor just dropped offline.

Now Changed to SmartSense Motion, holding strong so far.

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This got the snzb-02 working for me and it has been working without issue for one week. Made it real elementary to help those like me that are just getting started with SmartThings. (Adapted from a Reddit post):

  1. There is no external pull-tab for the battery, remove the back cover to remove the pull-tab.
  2. Discover the sensor in the SmartThings app by selecting add a device and choose “Scan Nearby”. Once the hub is searching, push the sensor button for about 5 seconds and the sensor LED will blink three times. The hub won’t immediately find the senor, keep pressing the button briefly every second or so until eventually it’s discovered as a “Thing”.
  3. Logon to to go into the IDE. Click “My Devices” tab.
  4. Find the “Thing” sensor, select and scroll down and click “Edit”
  5. Select “Type” and scroll down to “eZEX Temp & Humidity Sensor”. This is surprisingly hard to find since the list is not strictly alphabetical, but it is there. Select it.
  6. On the app, you will see the senor was connected, but stuck at “0.0” values for both temperature and humidity.
  7. Without deleting the device you previously added, select “add a new device” in the app but this time choose “By Brand” instead of scanning. Select the brand “eZEX”. You won’t see the temp/humidity sensor as an option, so instead select “Multi-functional sensors”. (Obviously this is wrong device type, but the device will again be detected and will be added as the “eZEX Temp & Humidity Sensor”). When the app starts searching, hold down the button on the sensor for 5 secs until the device LED flashes and start intermittently pressing the button until the senor is detected again.
  8. You’ll still see only the temperature in the app tile but clicking on the tile will show the humidity too.
  9. You can display both the temperature and the humidity in ActionTiles.


I added the device fingerprint and battery support (changed vid to the generic configuration with battery tile). Please someone can try it with different batteries with different charges?. Thanks!

Thanks, I’ve just tested on a new sensor that’s been used for about 2 weeks and it looks like it’s working.

Device is automatically identified when your custom DTH is published before pairing.

Showing 89% battery left which looks correct. I’ll test out some older batteries over the weekend to see if the reading changes correctly.

I’ve also tested the DTH with a couple of these sensors. Seems to be working great. Thanks you very much for putting that together. Only issue I’ve seen is for some reason the tile in the ST app constantly shows “updating status” but when I click the device it is pulling all of the information.

Smartthings app just says “checking status”, when i tap device, it shows temp and humidity just fine ?

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I am also missing one for the Sonoff SNZB-01. The one below is not working for me.

I have the ZNB-01 working. I follwed the process of adding (as a Thing), then adding the DTH and manually changing the type. The button was still there, but not working. Additional step, I then reset the button and rescanned for a Thing, at which point it discovered it properly and all 3 functions are working.

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I just added this last night, and @Moondevil describes the exact process.

I, however, had to duplicate everyone else’s efforts and test every possible handler before copying the one in this tread. Learn from my mistake and save 30 minutes of your life.

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"Smartthings app just says “checking status”, when i tap device, it shows temp and humidity just fine "

Same issue here.
Edit: Clearing the app cache and restarting phone solved the issue.

Is there any modified DTH for SNZB-03 (Motion sensor). I feel like they are slower than they should be. I’m using webcore

Device type used: Zigbee Motion/Temp/Humidity Sensor.

For Motion (SNZB-03), I am using Type = Zigbee Motion Detector. I have three motion sensors running this way and performance has been quite good.