New sonoff zigbee

try this handler battery not working but button pressing is.

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Would love to see DTH for the SNZB-02 temp/humidity sensor :smile:

eZEX doesnt show battery, and shows humidity by default in app tile, and zigbee motion/temp/humidity just show “getting info” on app tile, alltho it shows everything fine after clicking tile.

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thanks, i will give it a try

Just tried this with my pair of SNZB-01 buttons.

  • Devices were added as ‘Thing’
  • Added this code as a new device handler, and published.
  • Updated both buttons to use the device handler
  • Nothing in Live Logging when press/double press or hold the buttons

There is a hidden LED on top that shines through…

In order to re-pair gthe devices after changing the device type, hold the pair button for a few seconds until it blinks. That will update the sensor and it will start working!

I’m testing the integration of SNZB-02 and Smartthings.
I use your suggestion but on the app after 10 min the temp & Humidity remain at 0
Is it necessary to wait or i make any error ?

my procedure
donwload, save a publish the device handler : eZEX Temp & Humidity Sensor
I change the type of my sentor to eZEX Temp & Humidity Sensor from drop down menu in edit device


Same setup here. I am currently using the stock DTH (AFAIK) with type set to Zigbee Motion/Temp/Humidity Sensor. They appear to be working, but I would be interested to know if your setup works better in any way…

Regarding SNZB-02, I did not download or publish any special device handler. From the IDE, I only changed the Type for this device.

Did you then add the device again? That was the only other action I took

That’s how I did it - add/change type/re-pair

That brought them up.

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Curious if anyone is experiencing issues with the Sonoff Zigbee devices randomly going off-line? It has only been a few weeks since I started using these, and some have been more of a hassle than a value.

Contact (SNZB-04): this has gone off-line twice. Once, it came back on its own after a while. Last night, I re-paired it to expedite the process. Both times, it had issues recognizing open/closed states, even with the magnet a quarter of an inch away. This connects through a repeating device that is about three feet away.

Temperature Humidity (SNZB-02): this has now gone off-line for the third time. The previous times, I re-paired. While typing, I see that it is back on-line. This is close enough to the hub that it connects directly, though there is a repeating device within five feet.

Outlet (S31 ZB Lite): no issues observed.
Motion Sensor (SNZB-03): no issues observed.
Switch (BASICZBR3): no issues observed
Button (SNZB-01): I have not yet started playing with this one.

No issues to report, remained online for the last few months

Thanks. It looks like my temp/humidity sensor will come back on-line on its own after 30-60 minutes. Not a huge deal right now; it is not doing anything time sensitive.

The contact sensor, though, triggers the lights for the wine cabinet. A failure means that my wife turns to me and asks why the “smart” stuff is being so dumb.

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Just got one of the motion sensor works straight out of the box ugly little thing but it’s small, did you ever get it to run locally if so which device handler did you use?

No luck getting local operation, though I admit that I may not have tested every option. My motion (-03) is executing in the Cloud with Type: Zigbee Motion Detector.

Gotta agree that it is one ugly beast. The lens appears to made from crudely melted milk jugs.



Did someone managed to get snzb-02 work as it should? I’ve got 4 set as eZex it sort off work but not great. They randomly go offline and sometimes don’t report Temp, just Humidity… Anyway the humidity reading looks to me more like battery level…

@AverageJoe90 I guess you’ve found that the Smartsense dth makes the motion sensors run local right.

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Let me double check. My hub is down for some reason?! Can’t work out why.

Yep ST is having another cloud glitch at the moment.

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