New sonoff zigbee

It’s a temperature and humidity device.

How did you pair the contact sensor? I tried using the new app, using the sonoff contact sensor and no luck. Also no luck using “find nearby”. I used the pinhole reset and got 3 flashes but nothing showed up in logs either.

I have spent 2 days reading all I can on the 02 temp and humidity sensor.
I have a couple from maybe a year ago, and they update temp and humidity whenever it changes,it seems. However,I have one from a month ago and while the humidity seems to update,the temp only updates every 2 hours…exactly 2 hours,to the minute.
Ok,maybe there is use for such a device,but not me.
So,I am going to use a temp thermostat anyway, and give up on this new version, but does anyone know,is there now a fully functioning fix to this 2 hour issue?
I think I read on Reddit that Sonoff changed the hardware at some point…?

There are certainly two versions with fingerprints in the ST stock driver, the eWeLink TH01 and the eWeLink SNZB-02P, the latter being the more recent addition and mentioning more clusters in the fingerprint including one for OTA upgrades.

I have the TH01 and the handler configures the temperature reporting for between 10 seconds and two hours, subject to a 0.5C change which seems a little high to me.

Thanks, but even the old ZigBee update frequently…only the latest one that I have is stuck with this 2 two hour reporting.
Whether that is the device or a change in the handler,I don’t know! I don’t recall how I set up the two older ones…I have a feeling that there was some odd procedure at the time…but then everything was a bit odd back in the past…!

I have the TH01 working for more than 2 months as the main thermostat, with an Edge Driver.
The default settings for the temperature reports of this driver are 30sec minimum interval, 5 minutes maximum interval and change reported always 0.1°c

It can also be used with an edge drive as a Temperature and Humidity Sensor.
In this driver the configuration of the maximum interval of temperature reports can be adjusted in preferences, between 5 min and 6 hours and the temperature change between 0.1°c and 6°c.
humidity reports can also be adjusted in preferences

If you send me the fingerprints of the new sensor, I can add it to the drivers tomorrow to see if it works.

I keep greeting sonoff znzb-02 off line. Usually once an hour. Not sure why. Have extender in same room.

This is what i see in IDE.

Is TH01 model?

if it is that you can try the Edge Drive Zigbee Temp Humidity Sensor Mc.

It is in this link of shared Edge Channel

I installed it. It still goes offline

Looks like it’s every 20 min. If I press the button it wakes unit.

I have a couple of these and I have had them on the stock SmartSense DTH for months without issue. Lately I have noticed that one of them has been going offline frequently, but curiously could be made to go back online by simply holding a hand over it for a few seconds to generate a temperature change event. In my experience that is unusual for device handlers, which have always tended to go offline and stay offline, though it is the behaviour I see with Edge drivers. It may simply the case that device health has evolved and I simply haven’t noticed as I have a sample size of one to work with.

I’ve just switched to Mariano’s driver so I can drop another DTH. I am hoping that once the stock DTHs are all converted to Edge drivers there will then be a programme of upgrading them so that there is more end user control of configuration parameters.

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Over on the Hubitat forum, I figured out a bug with the sz02. If the driver sets the min and max reporting interval to the same value, the max is ignored and the device will only report on the delta.

I’ve not had a chance to look to see what the stock driver sets up reporting to, but if min and max are the same (as you’d expect with say every 5 minutes reporting) it will trigger this issue.

It looks like the check interval was set to 720 seconds by the driver. Your device will have to check in more frequently than that to not be marked INACTIVE.

Looking at the stock smart sense driver on GitHub, it sets the reporting to:

zigbee.configureReporting(zigbee.POWER_CONFIGURATION_CLUSTER, 0x0021, DataType.UINT8, 3600, 7200, 0x10) +
zigbee.temperatureConfig(10, 7200, 50) +
zigbee.configureReporting(0x0405, 0x0000, DataType.UINT16, 10, 7200, 300)

7200 seconds or a delta of 0.5C. Odd choice. Doesn’t match up with 720 second checkinterval…

Sorry not sure what to do. I have changed the drivers. Can I change the check in time. If I can. How do I do that.

The built in drivers don’t let you change the reporting time. I’d be happy to share my locally changed driver with you. I have several sz02s online, and they work great.

Sure. I can try and see what happens.

I suspect it is more that the developer didn’t spot the 720 second checkinterval. The device must always have been depending on the ‘ping’ eliciting a report to keep it online.

The ping doesn’t work for battery powered devices that don’t check in on the seven second zigbee interval. This device doesn’t do any check-ins for data except for whatever it’s reporting interval is. The Samsung device does check in every 7 seconds as per the standard.

I published my driver here if anyone is interested. Its hard coded to the reporting parameters that worked best for me. At some point i wanted to add user adjustable parameters for all the reporting values but never got the time.

Temp 5 minutes or .1C delta
Humidity 5 minutes or 1% delta
Battery 24 hours or .1V delta.

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Sorry new to this. I have a guthub account. Not sure how to install this