New SmartThings App now completely broken (Outage 14 Jan 2021)

My V2 hub has been back up most of the morning. I’ve had a few weird automations occur but mostly working as expected again. Hopefully it stays that way and gets better for everyone else as well, sooner rather than later.


I can now manually control MOST of my devices From the mobile app, but the devices don’t seem to be reporting status correctly, and there is a 20 to 30 second delay from the time you press the button til the device responds. Also, my smart apps and automations aren’t working at all…ugh. I know there will be issues with any platform but I’m seriously considering moving to Hubitat, at least for my garden lighting/climate controls.

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some of us have 300+ devices on our own hub(s) and multiple hubs we ‘babysit’ for family, friends, neighbors, etc. talk about heavily invested, but if you ever do decide to jump ship the good news is that said devices are most likely compatible with other ecosystems. a good number that run to hubitat quickly learn that its not perfect either and so they either EVERY-SO-QUIETLY sneak back to ST or run both ST and hubitat ecosystems. so, a lot of us have learned that when something like this happens don’t do a hard reset and reinstall everything, but rather just take a vacation and go do something else and let the backend get fixed and then your branch of the smartthings ecosystem should resolve itself.

button to on response is taking about 2-3 seconds.


One other nagging concern, related to safety, are DOOR LOCKS too. These outages/failures can result in a DOOR STATE as 'OPEN, which could leave a door unlocked while away from home.

I suppose it depends on the automation- I use a combination of the native ST automations and WebCore- and you could work up scenarios that cover all these possible bases, but it would just be nice if the platform remains stable and limits these type of failures to once in a blue moon.

thats a very good point. some door locks have their own apps that you might can use as backup to check if a door is locked. another back up would be to have a friend or neighbor walk over and check to make sure your door is locked. you can always compensate a friend/neighbor for something like that.

Since it’s been five years (or is it six?) Since they said they were going to make reliability a top priority, I think we can pretty reliably say that what we have is what we’re going to get. Which is a system that glitches fairly often.

As far as locks, almost all of the smart locks that I know are battery operated, and will remain in the state they were in as of the last network command unless they have an autolock feature enabled, in which case they will auto lock after the specified time.

There’s a community FAQ on planning for outages:

How to: Planning for Outages


@JDRoberts I know you have said ring is very reliable foe an alarm system & alex, although not complex, has progressed slowly but is pretty decent for routines. I’m wondering why ring & amazon cant incorporate those skills over to home automation?

I have the ring alarm system and it has been quite stable over the 2 months ive had it so far.

I did have one motion sensor that was starting to tamper alarm (middle of the night) and they replaced it with a cross ship right away.

the first alert smoke CO alarms (zcombo), both version 1 and version 2 with QR code, work with ring. the other day some bacon was over cooked in the kitchen and the kitchen first alert smoke CO alarm linked to the ring system sounded off and i got an alert on my phone right away.

have the ring flood and freeze sensors too.

note that the dome sirens will work with the ring system, but they are a bit of a joke when it comes to their so-called loud siren that is said to wake the neighbors. LOL I have some of these wired to a relay so that when they go off and the relay is closed it will trigger a siren horn.

i foresee in the near future that the ring alarm system will mesh with home automation as it already meshes with the ring lighting hub and ring lights.


Seems to be mostly just the app that’s broken now. All the devices with wrong status now show correct in ActionTiles and Alexa. I can’t check them in the app because they are currently MIA. I use very little Smartthings Automations.

Thanks for the tip. All very good points. I’ll look into this.

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Still having some heartburn. I have motions showing active, which is turning on lights.

I physically locked my deadbolt, it shows open in the app.

Lights showing ‘ON’ in app , actually physically’OFF’-???

Is this still common within this failure?

Room order all over the place for me too. It’s changing randomly.

I give up.

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when things started going rogue or after did you rearrange things like when we thought everything was okay last night? I didnt touch anything and after this mornings outage everything is working and back to normal.

They still haven’t given an all clear so don’t expect things to be normal yet.

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Not touched a thing. It’s borked. Rooms come and go and rearrange randomly.

I get it. But I fully expect we’ll still have to reorder everything ourselves once we do get an ‘all clear.’

Based on the time frame of this one it points to something fairly major. Crickets from ST folks too. Hopefully that’s because they are working hard trying to resolve this mess.

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I disagree. Mine was trashed last night like everyone else’s… This morning it was back to my pre-jacked-up state. It was again jacked up later this afternoon - and again expect it to return when whatever the heck this is is cleared.

I’ve ben in IT ops for over 20 years now - I’m sure the ops team (which is typically very different from the engineering team) is both busting tail to fix it while they cuss at ‘the developers’ (ops guys always cuss at the developers) trying to bring it back to full service restored. That means I’m not passing judgement on anything until they ‘say’ its fixed.

…Of course if they say its fixed and it’s not (and my icons don’t come back etc…) - that’s an entirely different story.

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I hope you’re right and I’m wrong.


previously ive had to rearrange room after glitches, but not this time so far.

its sunset here now and i was watching to see if the lights would come on. they didnt all turn on at once, but all are on now.

I blame Google. :wink:


LOL… Well, the devs just read the google machine to get thier code in the first place so I think we can accept that.