'New' smartthings app and classic app: Advice for someone new?

Hi There
I am a complete newbie to smartthings.
I received my starter kit yesterday and downloaded the ‘new’ app. I watched some youtube videos and noticed that my app was different to theirs…they were using the ‘classic’ app. You seem to be able to do more with the classic app so I downloaded it. However, the classic app wont recognise my welcome code when I try and add the hub (the ‘new’ app does recognise the code).
Can anyone help me here? why is that?

You should be able to login to the existing hub with the same Samsung account username and password that you used with the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app.I would suggest contacting ST support at https://support.smartthings.com

Thanks…funny I have just opened the app and its recognised everything…typical!
Is there a good user guide to the classic app?

One thing I have noticed in the app is that I dont have anything in the marketplace…why is this?

Nothing official that goes into much detail, they seem to expect you to just explore on your own and then ask questions if you get stuck.

The following community FAQ might be of interest ( this is a clickable link)

And this FAQ is specific to setting up rules:


Thank you, I’ll take a good look at these on the train home!!


That usually means you haven’t set your location in the app yet. The marketplace offerings vary by region, so they need to know where you are.