New smarthings presense sensor

(Jonathan Bisson) #1

There is a lot of hype around the new hub V2 and the new multi 6gen sensor but I don’t seem to see anything related to the new presence sensor being developed. Is it suppose to be released soon? what’s the status on this.

Is there any activity going on for this sensor, what should be improved over the previous one ?

From the blog:

The new Hub and SmartSense Multi, Presence, and Motion have been designed, built, and are being actively field tested. While we originally anticipated a release of these new products in Q2, we now expect a release of the new products in the coming months–most likely Q3.

(sidjohn1) #2

Presence sensor v2 was released months ago.

(Jonathan Bisson) #3

I missed that :slight_smile: cool, saw that it was just the enclosure that been updated,

thanks !

(Derek Brooks) #4

how is the battery life on the new ones? the life on the v1 tags was awful.

(Derek Brooks) #5

Ah, nevermind… just saw that the electronics are the same… so i expect the battery life is as well.