When do the CES smartthings devices come out?

Hey guys, I saw a video of CES 2015 SmartThings booth. Samsung recently purchased ST. So when do the next ten items come out? [VID: http://youtu.be/JhfAo7NNuFk]

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Are all the sensors coming out with the new HubV2 or will some of these be launched earlier as the older sensors sell out?

These next versions of sensors have release schedules that are independent from the v2 Hub. However when the V2 Hub comes out it will be included in kits that include the new devices.

From the last Developer Discussion, there was talk that the new sensors are not an amplified Zigbee chipset like the first version of the Smartthings Multi Sensors so that they can meet the European Standards. So that being said if you had a large house or detached garage far from the hub you would want to purchase the original Multi Sensor to bridge the distance better…?

Probably better would be to amplify your mesh network with some plugged in devices like the SmartPower Outlet.

Will the new sensors work with v1 hub?

Yes. All will work with Hub V1.

@Ben, I didn’t see an answer to the original question as to when they will be released (sensors and hub). Anything you can share?

Our announcement at CES spoke to timing close to April of this year. We’re getting close.

Thank you @Tyler, I just saw someone mention they were delayed until summer so thought I would ask.