New smart app to link the virtual/simulated garage door device with two actual devices

Hey Everyone,
Is there a way to add this new Garage door device to my SmartTiles dashboard?

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@Mgreen4117 If you used this app, it means that you already had relay/momentary switch, and contact sensor that setup for your garage door. In Smarttiles, you can add 2 tiles (one for momentary switch and one for contact sensor). Goodluck !!

you can also use the virtual garage device in smarttiles directly as well. If you use the modified virtual garage door device that I posted above where I added switch capability … as well as in amazon alexa.

Ok thanks! And LGkahn thanks for the app, it works great!

Okay, followed your instructions…but still getting the same result. I do think I may have been using the generic device type the first time, found the new one at the bottom of the list this time. Works if I directly turn on the switch, appropriately registers in the app based on manual intervention, but does not do anything when I hit the virtual garage door opener device.

Here are some screen shots showing device setups and logging (you can see logging is working, but not correlating to any of the virtual button toggles):

Any thoughts? Anything you see wrong?

Post the app configuration

the app is misconfigured… the first two things sould be the physical door and the physical sensor
the next should be the virtual door device twice… you hae the second on as the physical sensor.

FYI this verbiage is what confused me too… I assumed by “Virtual Garage Door Device SENSOR” that you meant the contact sensor. Once changed to the actual Virtual Garage Door Device it worked as expected. I do think the word “Sensor” is confusing but that may just be me.

Thanks for the great code and continued efforts to support the community. This is a great piece of work.

Does anyone know if this app will work with MyQ, Or do you need to have a dedicated zwave sensor for the garage door


myq should already have a device type that has the same functionality… it needs a device that has a on off switch functionality

I tried that, the control is very slow and delayed.

Bingo! Appreciate the help. Working great.

Using the Rule Machine smart app to immediately turn the switch back off once activated (which actually seems to deactivate it 4-8 seconds after activation which is about perfect). Previously had Vera and they had an app that handled turning off the switch as well…might be a nice future enhancement for those that are less savvy.

Great app! And great support! Thank you!

I read through the post but didn’t see anyone mentioning this as an issue… but…
When I first set this up I was getting a delay during “opening” and “closing” and then after so long it would change to open or closed.

But a day after I implemented it, now it just goes immediately to open or immediately to closed without the pause or re-check…?

Any tips?

The only thing I recall changing recently was to disable push notification… but don’t think that had anything to do with it.

Also, thanks again for all you do for the community! It is sincerely appreciated.

the delay is if you dont use my modified virtual device that removes the 6 second delay… or it could be depending on what kind of open close sensor you are using… not sure why it would have gone away unless you change the virtual device type or changed your sensor… or it could have just been the cloud was very busy

No, I’m sorry… I didn’t explain it I don’t think…
I have mine set at 1 second on the runIn().

But, the “check the status” timeout is what I was referring to.

Mine both say 25 but for some reason when yuo click it to Open it says “Opening” for a split second and then goes to “Open” instead of waiting for a reading from the contact sensor.

Also, same with Closing. So if it’s open, and I click it, it says “Closing” for only a half second and then goes to “Closed” even though the garage is quite obviously still trying to close and the contact sensor has not closed yet…?

the check status timeout has nothing to do with how long… it can goto open or close intermediately depending on what kind of sensor you have… … the check status is how long to wait before checking if it failed to open or close… (ie the door got stuck and reversed or something crossed the beam etc. 1 second is not correct. no door closes or opens in 1 sec… this would attempt to resync after this timeout if the actual door sensor fails to show the correct state…
the runin timeout should be at least how long it actually takes to open or close the door… plus some time if it actually reverses.

Okay… I guess I’m saying I followed along and changed the 6 to a 1 in the code.
In my settings of the SmartApp I configured it at 25 seconds as it was the default.

I’m using a door contact sensor. Not a tilt sensor.

I’d imagine if the door is closing it should say closing until the contact sensor returns “closed” and if it never returns “closed” after the timeout then I would say it should report the door as open still?

That’s just my thought process, I’m not claiming your code does that… maybe I’m missing something.

yes with a door sensor it should show open immediately but should say closing for awhile and then eventually say closed…im not sure it works that way… i believe it will say closed and if after 25 secs. the real sensor still says open it should resync and say open…
try it… hit the close see what happens and cross the beam so it goes back up.

Alright, great! Just making sure I wasn’t crazy. Haha.
Wondering if there is a way to make it say Closing and hold at closing until the contact reports closed? Not like it really matters, as long as it resyncs back to open that is all that matters to me. :smile:

the problem is the virtual garage device type would have to do that… not the smart app… and one device type cannot access another device type ie say to check the status of the contact… otherwise you would not need this smartapp at all. When i get a chance i will look at it more to see if i can figure something out. i could continually poll but i am superficially avoiding that… once the app gets the notification that the door state changes it updates immediately.