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NEW Ring Doorbell Products - FREE SHIPPING

(John) #22

Looks like I just got that increase…


@Davey4davey just joined the community, hence unable to PM you right away. if you still have doorbell pro, can you PM me. thanks.

(Raul Pared) #24

Do you have any chimes left

(Mark) #25

Do you still have any Ring Doorbell Pros?

(Dave Gonz) #26

Yes I do, PM me

(Harold Bui) #27

Do you still have any doorbell pros?

(John) #29

I’ve PM’d you twice - wondering why you haven’t seen them?

(Dave Gonz) #30

Sorry guys, been extremely busy, I’m out of Pro’s right now, I expect a new shipment to come in 9 days…

I do have 3 stick up cams and 1 chime pro

(Anne) #31

Sent PM on the Stickup Cam

(Gib Worth) #32

Arrived yesterday and installed last night. Priority mail in new sealed packaging.

Good experience. May follow up with one of those chimes.

Thanks David!!!

(Dave Gonz) #33

I got a small shipment, only 5 pro’s… I sent PM in order of the way I was PM, will send more PM if people don’t take them or reply to my PM.

(MacTechGenius) #34

I am interested in purchasing another Ring Pro & Chime Pro. Is it new/sealed? Please PM me the info and price.

I also have a Brand New Yale (YRD240) in Satin Nicke on Amazon. It includes a ZigBee module and all original accessories in the original box.
If anyone is interested please let me know, I can sell via PayPal for a lower price if someone on the forum is interested. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like photos.

Thank you

(Dave Gonz) #35

An additional shipment came in today! 5 Pro’s and 3 stick up cams!

After shipping the last orders, I have 4 Pro’s and 2 stick up cams left.

If you’re interested please PM me


(Eric Henrich) #36

I have PM’d you

(Dave Gonz) #37

Hi everyone…

To avoid PM about pricing… Let’s be realistic, you’re getting a great deal on these items, average savings of 25% to 27% OFF retail price and that’s NOT including tax, if I included tax it would be an average savings of 31% to 44%.

Why someone would PM about my cost to retail and his sources about cost to retail is unbelievable.

I know we all want the best price we can get, but my pricing is based on research, I looked at Slick Deals and the lowest I could find is $199 for the pro 's and $149 for the stick up cams. I intently went below those prices to 1. Move the items faster and 2. Help the community.

Sorry for the rant it’s just mind blowing how people don’t see a great deal when they see one.

And to all those that have purchased, I appreciate it!

(MacTechGenius) #38

That is precisely why I ordered! You offered the best deal :slight_smile:
Though, Ring offered a promotion last year so I got my 1st Ring Pro for $100, this will be my second for $185.
Do you have any insight about the availability of the Ring Elite? Will you be selling it when it is offered?

(Dave Gonz) #39

I’ll see what I’m allowed to share :wink:

(Debra Kettler) #40

I am interested in the Ring Pro, Cam and a Chime, if you have them. Brand new, can’t PM, yet.

(Dave Gonz) #41

Hi Debra,

I sent you a PM

(Dave Gonz) #42

Hello everyone…

All recent orders have been shipped, check your PM for tracking numbers.

After recent orders, I have 2 Doorbell Pro’s and 1 Stick Up Cam left. More items will arrive soon.

If anyone is interested in any of the items I currently have in stock, please PM for PayPal info.