New quick browse list tags?

There’s starting to be a lot more project reports and custom code for appliances of various kinds, so we’ll need to add some quick browse lists to make it easier to find these. But we don’t want to have too many lists, or just browsing the quick browse lists becomes tedious! :sunglasses:

(Air Conditioners, space heaters and fans are on the HVAC list and don’t count as appliances .)

So here’s the question:

Microwave Ovens
Coffeemakers and smart kettles
Fermenting equipment for beer/wine/cheese
Minor appliances like blenders and toasters

Should these all go on one list called “appliances”?

Should “vacuums” and “laundry” have their own lists? They seem to generate the most specialty applications in this group.

What would make code easiest to find?

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IMHO these should all go under Appliances with the exception of BBQs. I don’t consider BBQs an appliance…just my 2 cents.

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