New Official Integration: Samsung Multiroom Audio

Please submit a support ticket so support can get this to the right people. :slight_smile:


Done. Here’s my ticket number in case you want to give the responsible person a nudge :wink:

Should I file one as well?

The only reason I bought two R1s is that I can integrate those with ST and Alexa for custom messaging. And now I can’t pair those. :frowning:

Hopefully, we can get it to work.

I pointed ST Support to this thread starting at post #310, providing they read this they should realize that you have a similar problem.

I want to update you on my situation. Not sure what made it work, but I
have reset the router last night. I mean hard reset. It still would not see
anything. Moreover, all my Wemo switches were gone.

So I removed all Wemo switches and installed new wemo app:

After that the hub found all wemos and, oh miracle!, it also found both of
my R1 speakers.

I am happy.

@olegred Good on ya!

Have just gone through the customary first level support “reset ST hub by removing power, Ethernet and batteries - wait 20 minutes” No change. Even moved the R3 real close to the hub.

I will try to reset my ASUS RT-AC68U router even though it has been rock solid from day one.

I do not have any Wemo devices, but maybe a clue to the next step for me - start removing one smart app, try to connect, repeat and rinse until culprit found. But oh, so time consuming.

@slagle One would have thought that device handlers and smart apps are operating in their own space so to speak, to avoid cross-talk? (Not a programmer, pls excuse any mis-wordings)

I had pairing and disconnect problems until I added the WAM250. Rock solid ever since . Added 2 R5’s a cpl days ago. Plugged them in Pressed a button on the WAM250 and before the app could get started the speakers were already paired.

(not my auction)

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I have a samsung R1 which I am trying to use for voice alerts. The speaker always begins to speak the command but fails to finish the command. Anyone know why this might be or a fix?

I have been having the issue with the R1 speaker, hopefully someone here can help fix it. I couldnt figure why it was doing that

I had the exact same experience with my R1. Wouldn’t connect even I first tuned it on and tried to pair with the network. Just spinning and spinning. Then somehow it connected. Can’t remember war I did really. One thing though, after I got it to connect I noticed the speaker was performing really poorly. It was playing audio in stuttered stops. I truly believe the firmware it ships with is absolutel crap. So immediately I upgraded the software. Then I connected to Smarthub and set up notify me when and added an announcement. It worked pretty much immediately but it’s a little flakey. It sometimes doesn’t play the text notification completely like it will skip the first word. There is also sometimes a lag before it plays but mostly it works. Shame on Samsung for putting it out with half baked software though.

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mine stopped working - had 2 TVs and all my speakers J650/R1/R3/R6 working with the latest update all are showing offline and are no longer responding - if they just crippled the integration to that one speaker then …

I will log a support case as the boxes clearly state: works with smartthings - which it did until the last change …

Update: I did a complete factory reset on my router. Lo and behold: the R3 is finally connected. Sort of…
I can play/pause. Changing volume kind of works but the slider seems to get stuck and only reacts to large changes. Right now the volume is stuck at 24% and there is no way to get it lower.

Basic functionality, but the main reason is to hook it up as an audiable alarm, but that’s for later. GLad I got it connected!

Glad to hear that you got it working. Sadly, volume control is flaky at best, nonfunctional at worst. It would be nice if Samsung/Radiant team/Smartthings team could get the basics (play, pause, volume control) working…


WOW this is a long thread! Hopefully someone can answer this…

I bought an R3, an M3, and a WAM250 hub specifically so I could get TTS voice notification from ST via the BigTalker and CoRE SmartApps… and generally speaking its working well… Initially I had bought an M3 just to try things out, and once that was verified working, I got the R3 and the hub with the hope that I could have the M3 on the 2nd floor, the R3 on the first floor, and then use the WAM250 to create a GROUPING so my TTS notifications would go to both simultaneously… well, it’s not working that way. Both the M3 and R3 are connecting to the hub, and both are playing TTS notifications from ST, but not as a GROUP… there is always a delay between the two speakers, which is really annoying. Hearing the same notifications coming from two different speakers but with a delay typically between a second or two was what I was hoping to avoid by introducing the WAM250 hub into the configuration.

So does anyone have these speakers working as a GROUP visible to ST, or is the grouping functionality solely restricted to the Samsung Multiroom app only?


Did you ever figure out a way to play pandora with echo, through your samsung speakers?

It appears that the hubs are no longer needed for the Samsung Multi Room. removing it may help reduce the echo. I have been using the system for a month and found a Samsung Link Mate WAM270 that i purchased. This device allows you to input different audio sources into the stream. You would be able to hook up Amazon Dot to to the Link Mate and have the audio go to all linked speakers.

Does the WAM270 appear to ST as a speaker, or does it work like the WAM250 and simply provide an easier way to wirelessly connect the other Samsung multi-room speakers to the network? Part of the problem with the echo, I think that is BOTH of my Samsung speakers show up in ST instead of the WAM250 “multicasting” to both of them.

Also, looks like supplies of the WAM270 are high and dry… only see one on eBay and it’s currently being bid up to close to 200 clams. I got the WAM250 for something like $30… so big diff there.

The LinkMate appears as a speaker. It has three inputs optical, rca, and
coaxial. So far it keeps a connection and has not gone to sleep mode. It
can be grouped to all speakers and you can set the input to what ever you
want to stream. The product has been discontinued orginally sold for $350.
It does not allow for pandora as an input but there is a work around for
it. It has worked well for the two weeks I purchased it.

The WAM250 is basically a separate wifi network for the Samsung Multiroom
Speakers. might be useful to reduce traffic on your home wifi.

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