New Monoprice Shock Detector Z-Wave Plus $34.99

Looks like Monoprice has a new Z-wave plus device which is a shock detector. No reviews yet but I just purchased it to give it a shot. Anyone use the old one they had? I plan to use this by a baywindow that I have near a door. Any other uses for a shock detector?

You can use code BBQ5 for $5 off the purchase

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I plan on getting a few of these after my new windows get installed

Any other uses for a shock detector?

The punching dummy in your basement, so you know when your significant other is venting their frustrations? It’s like a hot/cold meter to warn you before coming home…


Well hopefully in that case it will notify me about light, medium and heavy hits so I can gauge the frustration properly.


Hum, yes, sensitivity of the sensor is paramount in this use case scenario!

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I’m curious how sensitive this thing actually is. I have a somewhat unique use case for this in mind. I was thinking I could attach this to the drain pipe for my sump pumps very close to the pump so I know if one has died and I can swap it before I have a basement flood. I have a leak sensor near the well but by the time the water reaches that it’ll be too late.

If you want it to sense the pumps vibration, I’d recommend against that. The battery will drain very quick if it’s constantly reporting vibrations.

Maybe a power sensor like the HEMv1 would be a better bet.

Wouldn’t it be just as easy to put another leak sensor by the sump pump , or it in an area that is always wet ? Place the sensor on top of a board or something so it will only go off if water is 1" deep ?

I know I can NOT put one by my water heaters or boilers, simply because I have boilers. I have drain pits under the boilers so when I flush the tanks out every couple week I just drain it right onto the concrete floor and it goes into the hole. I know I would forget to move it before draining.

Put one in your pillow/mattress to monitor you sleep?

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Yeah I guess I could mount the sensor inside the well somehow. Not sure why I didn’t think of that before haha.

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What is the dimension of this thing?

Have an alert if bed starts moving when you are not home ?


Im thinking if this will pickuo the vibration of mail being droped into mailbox. Although it would have ro withstand winter freeze temps.

Hack the batteries and panel from a landscape light. Many have 3.2 volt batteries.

naughty/cheating spouse, you know…

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Just bought one of these and will try it out as a doorbell sensor (attach to the doorbell ding or dong) to then notify me and take action if the bell is rung. I have been using an ST-Multi sensor (using the vibration part). However, I started having an issue with it recently along with the ST changes made regarding ZigBee firmware updates - i.e., it’s causing a lot of false doorbell activations. This causes specifically programmed (via CoRE) lights to come on at 100% for 5 minutes before returning to their previous state. Of course, this happens in the middle of the night, so it’s a pain. Anyway, since this Monorpice sensor is Z-Wave, I hope that it won’t suffer from similar false positives like those for Zigbee firmware upgrade attempts.

We’ll see how it works.

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The Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Shock Sensor arrived today and I installed it as I detailed above. Since it’s Z-Wave, I should now avoid the issue with the ZigBee Firmware updates and attempted updates that cause my ST-Multi to false-activate - and my lights to come on at all times of the day and night.

Anyway, the new sensor paired quickly and without issue. Monoprice says its a Shock Sensor but ST and CoRe say it’s a contact switch - and you have to watch for the contact switch to report an ‘open’ condition. I didn’t load any special device handler - don’t even know if one exists. But I only wanted it to sense vibrations from the doorbell and report back on that as well as battery % reading. It does those things.

So far, it’s working well and fully integrated into my CoRE pistons and other smart apps. I’ll let you know if anything changes.

PS: Forgot to mention that there is a sensitivity adjustment and I set it to nearly fully sensitive and it seems to work just fine.

what “type” of device shows up in ST? I have mine setup as a “zwave plus door/window sensor”, and it seems to work, but it does get out of sync sometimes. I don’t see a contact switch on the list.

The IDE shows it as a “Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor” as well. CoRE calls it a contact switch.

These were ony $19.99 so I picked one up. Paired easy, found as Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor.

Status never changes from open. If I smack the surface its on the red light comes on.

Is this thing broken?

Whats the timeout and refresh of this device?