Feature request: iPad app

It really has been too long. When is smartthings coming out with a native iPad app? If by some chance an iPad app is created, please, for goodness sake, don’t make us shake the iPad to see the text for the connected devices. In fact, that ‘feature’ is horrible on the iPhone. Just get rid of that or at least make it an option if you must. I do not understand how Smartthings doesn’t have an iPad app. Is the company facing serious issues that prevents them from making an iPad app?


You might want to look into the smarttiles project, it’s probably closer to what you want than an iPad version of the SmartThings app.


I agree it’s very strange there is no official iPad app. Reportedly ST is working on a big UI overhaul, so hopefully that’s one of the things included.

Meanwhile, I Second the smarttiles dashboard app recommendation. This was created by a community member, and has since received official acknowledgment from smartthings so that there is a direct install option.

This is very popular, and you will find much discussion of it in the forums. (The original name was actiON.)

It’s free to install, and you can make a donation to the author later if you find it useful. It’s browser-based, very lightweight, and is customizeable.

Whn is that coming?? any news from the staff?

If I recall correctly, in one of the last developer video calls, they said that right now they are working on the phone/mobile UI - at the earliest a tablet interface could come out spring of 2016.

Thank you all for the information. I will install the smarttiles solution, however i think it is just sad that this has the potential to be such a good solution and yet the face of the solution to the majority of average tech savvy consumers is a clunky complex iPhone app. The fact that it takes a third party solution to bandaid the lack of features does not bode well. Wink may have a crappy backend, but at least they present a good looking product… of course, that is not a good solution either (in fact it is way worse); but average Joe does not know that. I just do not see how smartthings will overcome Apple’s homekit. Once Apple launches a HomeKit front end app for the average consumer, that will pretty much be the end game for a lot of companies and the threshold to beat. Samsung may have purchased smartthings and promised a lot, but I do not see much product compatibility yet… do any of you? There is nothing keeping anyone locked in to this solution. This solution is not a Sonos style success where no one has been able to make something better… this is a barely making par solution right now. Do not get me wrong, I want smartthings to succeed, but things are going way to slow and I wish they were not.

couldn’t agree with you more. I love the iPhone app, the same app running on the iPads is pretty junky


I disagree completely. I want the exact same app on the iPhone and the iPad. I use both, usually the iPad. But I may grab my iPhone if I need to do something and the iPad isn’t at hand. The last thing I want is for there to be differences in navigation, two different apps. I want to do the same steps on each device.

Different people want different things. If there’s an iPhone app, it would continue to run on your iPad, you could use it.

My iPad is in a mount in landscape mode. That’s also how many people use wall mount dashboards. Having an optional version that would run in that orientation would give people the choice of which to use. It shouldn’t force you to use one app for one device and one for the other. Choice is good. :sunglasses:


The most likely course of action, however, is not separate “iPhone” and “iPad” apps, but rather a single, universal app with both iPhone and iPad interfaces. This scenario suits me fine, but unfortunately would not align with @bravenel’s wishes.


As long as everyone gets what they want, I don’t care how we get there! Or what someone else is using. LOL! :sunglasses:

See, I’ve found this brilliant new strategy: As long as I want what ST gives us, I’m pretty safe. Because the likelihood that someone who wants something other than what ST gives will get what they want is very very low. I, on the other hand, am much more likely to continue to get what I want ---- until they break it. :grinning:


This is really important for my used ipad and andriod tablet. I had mount them on the wall as digital photo frame. if I can use them to turn on/off lights and set ARM/STAY. it’ll be awesome. I really like smarttile UI. but it’s third part app. I’m don’t want to give my home key to someone other than ST.

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Thanks for liking SmartTiles, CG!

We definitely understand the concern that arises when you grant 3rd Party apps or services access to Devices on your SmartThings Account. Yet it is a very popular feature… Not only SmartTiles, but the much more popular IFTTT and Amazon Echo/Alexa.

We discuss more in the Topic below. The short answer is that SmartTiles is generally not significantly less secure than SmartThings (and, in some ways is more secure than other web services like IFTTT…), but we know we can’t prove that without an independent audit of our service. Version 6 will have a significantly different backend, even more powerful and granular security, and we appreciate donations to encourage us complete it and then to encourage us to pay for the non-trivial expense of a security audit.

I give up. Im switching to Wink. It natively works with my Nest thermostats, Nest protects, Nest cams, Canary, Echo and all my Z-wave locks and lights. One system for everything.

Good bye and good luck!

Any update on a native ipad app ?

+1 for the request for an iPad app!
This seems like a dev project with a small investment and high return.
Also need Landscape view. At the very least can we have landscape view in the iPhone app?
Thank you for considering this.

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+1 for iPad app…

+1 for iPad app

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The iPhone app on iPad is funcetional. However, you can’t log in to smartthings on both your iPad and iPhone as the same user, it crashes or freezes on the other device next time you load it. Would love to see a fix that allows multi-device logins.