New ivee voice

I know many of us use the Echo and it works well. However I was on a video chat last night with the developers of the original Ivee sleek. They are introducing a new product called Ivee voice next week. It is basically a mulidirectional microphone and speaker that will answer questions or provide you a weather update. On last nights call they indicated that if you were to have two of these in the same room the one you are closet to is the one that will respond. Also they are going to go deeper with their ST integration this time by allowing hello home phrases so you could tell the Ivee good night and your good night settings will be enabled in ST. There is a probability that it will also be able to provide voice notifications such as the garage is open or announce that someone is home. Very cool stuff. It also will be integrated with Spotify. They currently have a website of Launches next week. Better ST integration will be very cool. I currently use the Ivee Sleek and it works very well with ST and allows me to turn off lights or close my garage from my bedside using voice. They intimated that the pricing will be less than the Echo.

Ivee’s customer support is probably the worst of any tech company I’ve dealt with. They just don’t respond. Buyer beware!