Ivee Sleek

(Bob Butler) #1

I was in my local Staples yesterday and they had the Ivee on clearance for about $70. It seems to be the normal $199 price everywhere else, including staples.com, so I’m assuming this is just a local store clearing inventory or maybe a move to an online only product

I see some older threads on the Ivee, but not much recently. Does anyone have any insight into future integration? It connects to lights and presence devices, but there don’t seem to be any presence commands.

Voice recognition is OK, but not on the level of Siri, Cortana or Google. “Hello Ivee Turn Off Kitchen Lights” and similar works most of the time, but the vocabulary is pretty limited.

SmartThings integration is only at the Alpha level so hopefully it will improve, but so far I’m underwhelmed.

(Chrisb) #2

Sounds kinda like Ubi… but Ubi I’d say is more at the Beta level. ST integration is pretty good over all, but basic level stuff: Turn on off switches, respond to events like open/close, presence, or on/off.

(Ed Meredith) #3

I use the ivee sleek. It works well. They are continuing integrations with things like spotify and Fitbit. They have a beta for a more robust voice engine. Also recent upgrades have presence notification announcements.

(Bob Butler) #4

How do I opt in to the voice engine Beta?

(Ed Meredith) #5

email their support. I received an invitation via email from them.

(DLee) #6

Sleek now under $30. Maybe a new version on the way.

(John Lord) #7

they have a new product, IVEE Voice coming out in a couple of months. I’m curious to see if the Sleek gets the integration updates as well. I have two of them and would like to put them on the same account. This is supposedly possible with the new one upon release, along with spotify and a couple of other things that were originally promised for the sleek. Additionally, i’m having problems authorizing smartthings from it so maybe they will fix that too. If not, i’m getting an echo.