IVEE added smartthings support

Those who have ivee, now smartthings is enabled in ivee. But no manual on how to use it. zwave devices show as device type name like “Zwave Switch” and not as given name eg Garage Light.

What do you mean? IVEE uses Staples Connect Hub which is a zwave hub like smartthings.

I mean, ivee has integrated Smartthings , from my ivee login today I could add connect to SmartThings .

Good to know.

Do you know if staples connect hub is stil required for IVEE to work?

I unswered my own question - no it does not. I just connected IVEE to smartthings. The way it does it is exactly like it conects to nest, it goes to the cloud…

so are you able to tell it to do things like turn off the lights and it will say run an app you have that does that or toggle a switch (through ST of course)

no documentation what to say yet.

For me it can only see switches and presence sensors but I haven’t been home to test it at all and I don’t think ivee has even announced the feature yet

I’m guessing it’ll work something like Ubi integration, which works like this:

With Ubi it works like this:

Create a custom behavior with a trigger from Ubi: When I say something like “Turn Kitchen Off” then I pick from my list of ST devices and tell it turn off.

I can do the reverse as well. I can pick a trigger from my SmartThings devices: When this goes on or off, or opens or closes, or shows up or leaves then that will trigger Ubi to say something.

For example, when my wife comes home the presence tag in her car shows up, this triggers Ubi to say: “The Queen’s chariot has arrived!”

For more advanced things you need to get creative with virtual tiles. For example, I have a custom behavior setup for when I say goodnight to Ubi. That turns on a virtual tile in SmartThings. Then I have an SmartApp that runs when this tile is turned on. The SmartApp does three things:

  1. Check if selected doors are open. If one or more is, it turns on a second virtual tile.
  2. Check if selected windows are open. If one or more is, it turns on a third virtual tile.
  3. Setups up a procedure to run in five minutes that turns off selected lights and and the three virtual tiles discussed here.

On on Ubi I have custom things setup so if Ubi sees virtual tile two turn on it says: “Wait, you have a door open!” Likewise, if Virtual tile three turns on Ubi says: “Wait, you have a window open!”

So while Ubi can’t run a SmartApp directly, there are ways to make it happen indirectly. My guess is ivee will work the same way.

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There are no published copmands how to talk to smartthing yet, but I am assuming they are coming up soon.

Chrisb is probably corect in his assumptions.

BTW: UBI is 50% more expensive than IVEE and does the same thing.

Has anyone got this IVEE working with SmartThings? And how is the IVEE compared to the UBI? Anyone with experience?

Yea, I’m curious if this is comparable to ubi…

Very interested on details of this “integration”

I had an IVEE and returned it (it was terrible but hoping they have improved it- just didn’t work at all) but I still get the emails and have an account. Looks like you can just toggle stuff on/off, though when you link it to your account it asks for presence sensors too http://d.pr/i/G6Zj so I imagine more is coming …

From yesterdays email:

SmartThings Integration (Alpha)

We’ve completed an initial SmartThings integration, which allows you to link your ivee account to your SmartThings account and toggle on/off any device that supports the ‘switching’ capability. We know that many of you are very excited to use ivee with SmartThings, so we want to make it clear that this is just the beginning! We plan to support several new capabilities per week until we have comprehensive support for the SmartThings API. If you have a SmartThings account, please link it to your ivee account and give it a whirl! We are eager to hear what you think.

Hmm, wonder if staples would allow coupons on this. There is a 20% in store coupon right now

Will be receiving mine today, can’t wait to try it out, got it from staples and did use the 20% coupon. Have an Ubi too so will be trying to compare.

Ivee is in need of work to the voice commands. I can get it to turn on some lights but can’t seem to get it to turn off the lights. I get useless data such as time in Utah or something that makes no sense. It needs work. I was looking forward to Ivee when I got in but I have to say that I been really disappointed in the product.

I’d be really interested in a comparison. I’m hemming and hawing over which one to get at the moment. I really wish someone would just hijack my Siri app to control SmartThings.

You can build it out using SiriProxy. There’s a few tutorials and guides out there to do home automation with SiriProxy. Here’s a basic one: http://lifehacker.com/5982354/automate-everything-in-your-home-using-siri-and-a-raspberry-pi/all

You’ll need to understand how to program a RaspberryPi.