New home, new to smartthings, let me know if im off to the right start

So lets jump right into it. I just purchased a new home and want to automate alot of things. I want to make sure all the devices work well together. So far I have on my purchase list.

Samsung smart thing hub v3
10 ge z wave plus dimmer switches
3 ge z wave 3 speed fan controller
13 Visonic MCT-340 E window/door

I am still in the market for a motion sensor. I want it to turn the lights on and off when walking into a room. Im open to any suggestions.

I will be using the visonic for windows and doors. I want them to turn on the lights when I open the doors and ideally have the window sensors turn on the lights and alart me when open durning certain times. Are these brands good choices for want I want to do?

Are these light switches good or are there better options?

The GE switches are popular and do work well. I have many myself. The only suggestion I have is to be careful using too many dimmers when on/off switches are cheaper and more appropriate. I wound up with dimmers in closets and bathrooms where I should have had just on/off switches.

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One thing I would add is some zigbee repeating devices. You could swap out some of the GE switches for their zigbee equivalents. Your Visonic devices are zigbee and you currently don’t have any zigbee repeaters.

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Congratulations on the new place – – sounds like an exciting project! :sunglasses:

Start by reading the following thread on network layout. Begin with post 11 in that thread, then go back up to the top and read the whole thing. That will help explain why @Automated_House suggested the repeaters.

Then you might also find the following FAQ of interest ( this is a clickable link)

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