New Setup Advice

Noob here - we’re just finishing a major remodel which includes about 70 GE z-wave dimmers, switches and plugs, and a couple Fibaro RGBW controllers. More to come. I have a smartthings hub set up and added one of the GE switches for fun. So far so good.

I now want to start adding the rest of the devices and was wondering if there is a smart way to do this. Some of the devices are located further from the hub and will need to be discovered through other devices. Should I work myself outward from the hub? Should I try to move the hub around the house to help with the discovery process. Should I be worried about the number of devices?

Any advice appreciated, looking forward to the journey.

thx, Dave

Welcome! :sunglasses:

This should help. Read the whole thread, but start with post 11.

Thank you JDRoberts, just what I was looking for.

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