[New] Google’s Smart Display platform - July 2018

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CES 2018 News
(Micheal ) #2

I think it is interesting they are focusing on partner products and not their own device. I have a version of Ask Alexa working on Google Home (I call it Hey Google), but this device has never been as easy to develop for as the Alexa devices.

(Matt Behnken) #3

Yeah and where is the chromecast display for search announced last year

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(Kevin) #6

Anyone using a smart display at home yet? I can’t decide if I would like these Google ones (or echo show). Seems like as soon as you put a display on it, I’ll want to carry it around so might as well get a tablet. I personally don’t think they look nice either; lenovo looks like speaker glued to a tablet (echo show about the same). The JBL looks a little better I would expect it to have decent sound too My first thought is to run ActionTiles on it, but they don’t have web browsers.

(Rachel Cruz) #7

We used to have a Google Home Mini but my husband and I upgraded it to this because of the added display screen. We’ve been using it for a week or so now and I dare say it’s now a permanent part of our family (or should I say kitchen counter). We can’t be more impressed with how much it can do without us having to lift a finger!

(Geko) #8

Wow! Can it make you a toast and a cup of coffee? :wink: