[New] Google’s Smart Display platform - July 2018

I think it is interesting they are focusing on partner products and not their own device. I have a version of Ask Alexa working on Google Home (I call it Hey Google), but this device has never been as easy to develop for as the Alexa devices.

Yeah and where is the chromecast display for search announced last year

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Anyone using a smart display at home yet? I can’t decide if I would like these Google ones (or echo show). Seems like as soon as you put a display on it, I’ll want to carry it around so might as well get a tablet. I personally don’t think they look nice either; lenovo looks like speaker glued to a tablet (echo show about the same). The JBL looks a little better I would expect it to have decent sound too My first thought is to run ActionTiles on it, but they don’t have web browsers.

We used to have a Google Home Mini but my husband and I upgraded it to this because of the added display screen. We’ve been using it for a week or so now and I dare say it’s now a permanent part of our family (or should I say kitchen counter). We can’t be more impressed with how much it can do without us having to lift a finger!

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Wow! Can it make you a toast and a cup of coffee? :wink: