SmartThings integration with Lenovo smart display?

(Alexia Lim) #1

I have a Lenovo Smart Display right now and have been using it mainly in the kitchen. I’m planning to increase my smart home devices and want to use a SmartThings hub to connect everything. Is this compatible with my Lenovo Smart Display? I want to use this instead of my old Google Home because of its added screen - it’s easier to control using a touchscreen occasionally and also everything can be done from my kitchen/living area.

(Jimmy) #2

The voice assistant portion should work the same as a google home. The s teen part won’t be much benefit since they don’t allow Android apps to be installed or even have a web browser.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

So far, neither Google nor Amazon’s “smart displays” have been made compatible with SmartThings App or web-based control Apps. But both Google and Amazon/Alexa’s platforms have a history of evolving pretty quickly, so all possibilities remain open for the future.

In the meantime, I would like to recommend our web-app, ActionTiles (free fully functional to explore for 14-days trial), to get an idea of what can be run on an inexpensive tablet (Amazon Fire HD are most popular) and/or phone.

The efficiently Tiled layout / dashboard-style interface of ActionTiles is what we would most like to see on a “smart display”, and are keeping watch for when we might be able to achieve this.

(Alexia Lim) #4

Thanks! Definitely hoping they’ll launch an update for the LSD platform (and other smart displays given the coming trend) soon to be compatible with SmartThings!