Google Home Hub or Lenovo Smart Display

feedback on either? Walmart has it the Smart display (10 in) at $99 YMMV, and the Home Hub is currently $99. Trying to decide which will be better for me…

I have the Google Home Hub for a few reasons…

  1. I use it as an alarm clock so the smaller size is better. It also has a light sensor it uses to dim the display at night which is super nice as a bedside alarm clock.
  2. any new software features would likely come to Google’s hardware first (I hate waiting!)
  3. Google has many hardware flops under its belt and I figured there would be more chances of longer support if I purchased google hardware. I am specifically thinking about the Asus Player (Android TV) and the Logitech player before that.

If you plan on using it for media purposes (i.e.: YouTube), the larger screen and possibly better sound of the Lenovo one may be more relevant.

If you are like me and got onboard with Google Apps (or now known as G-Suite), be aware those accounts are not compatible with Google Home.

Yes, you can log in, but no email or calendar - among other issues.
Similar to Google Household and sharing YouTube TV and other issues

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I plan on having it on a common area for easy access from living room and kitchen (peninsula bar). I also plan on having the smart home control for visitors that may not want to use the voice-activated home controls.

Care to elaborate on that? Is that on the personal side or business side?

Hmmm I have never used the Google Home Hub or even the Echo Show to control devices using the screen. I always use voice and then may tweak with the screen. One thing that irks me of Google Home is that when I say “Turn on Living Room Light”, it understands that I want all lights in the Living Room turned on. I have to delete all my rooms in Google Home to prevent this (unless someone has a fix for this they can share).

How about ActionTiles (@tgauchat)? What you want to do is a perfect fit. Picture below shows ActionTiles running on FireFox on my Echo Show - not an ideal example - but it is the most recent picture I have. Also, it is not configured or connected right now which is why some of the tile are not populated. That reminds me… I have some work to do :slight_smile:

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Do you k ow if this is available on the hub or smart display?

Edit: I found the solutions, the home control menu is available on both Hub and Smart Display

This was back when they offer G-Suite for free for less than 10 users.
“Perfect for home users that want to use a unique domain…”
I guess they now call it “Legacy Apps”

As Google grew and began offering G-Suite for Business, this also was rolled into “Business”

And, if you haven’t been following, G-Suite for business lacks many of the latest offerings in terms of Google Households, sharing a YouTube TV subscription, and now the Google Home Hub as well.

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lenovo smart display, the google hub felt like an after thought. you cant even get two way calls on the google hub

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I ended up getting the home hub for my wife for speed of updates and because it’s tiny and “cute”. She wouldn’t have liked the large speaker. For my self I would have likely gotten the Lenovo. I would like the speed of updates but of the Home but the sound on the Home Hub is pretty terrible. I haven’t heard the Lenovo bit I have to think it’s better.

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The lenovo 7" (that’s the one i purchased) is pretty comparable to the google hub 6. The lenovo isn’t tied to lenovo releasing updates they pull straight from the google assistant repo so it should get updates the same time as the google hub. it really depends on what you want to do with it, if you’re looking for weather and recipes the google hub rocks, if you’re looking for that plus video calling then go with the lenovo.
Personally the whole reason for the hub was so my kids could call me, my wife, my parents, etc… like the echo show

You sure about the updates? Everything I read said they release separately. Lenovo even has some features Google doesn’t and I know I saw a bunch of articles about Lenovo releasing features to catch up.

I read about the updates too, and it is supposed to be simply a google assitant update, so they are supposed to update at the same time. However, can you elaborate on the calling part?

The Google hub doesn’t have a camera so can’t do 2 way calling. It can do one way video and 2 way voice supposedly but I’ve never tried it. The Lenovo has a camera so can do 2 way calls. Using Duo I believe.