New Dimmer or Harmony hub

Let me preface by saying I am extremely new to ST.

So in my bedroom I have a IR Lutron Fan/light combo switch that we control via Logitech 650 remote. I would like to integrate Echo/ST but would like to keep the switch and remote (for the wife). Can I just add a harmony hub and control the IR wall switch?


You can teach new commands to the Harmony Hub (you teach them directly to the Hub, I believe, rather that to the remote) so you could program commands into the hub for your fan/light and control them from the remote that comes w/the hub. So as long as you have a remote or other IR device that can transmit the command the hub can learn it, and you can assign it to a key press on the Harmony hub remote.

You can even attach fan/light command to activities (e.g., turn off fan light when start watching TV).

The Harmony Hub has been one of the best recent upgrades to my home automation I’ve made recently. I’ve been a long-term Harmony user (IR remotes like the 650, 700, etc.), and just love the hub/remote combo and its RF capabilities (wife/family don’t have to remember to point the remote at the entertainment center when starting/ending activities, etc.

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OK, sounds like it should solve it. in the end I want to use the Echo to turn off the fan, lights and TV… The problem is not swapping out the current remote or light switches. that would put the wife into a tailspin! :scream:

Your existing Harmony 650 remote won’t work w/the Hub, you’ll have to get her to use the new remote that comes w/the hub (unless the idea is that she keeps her remote for just the fan. If you make changes to activities/settings w/the 650 then the Hub/Hub remote won’t know the state of the system.

FWIS, my wife LOVES the new remote that comes w/the hub, we’ve used Harmony 700 remotes for years and years, and she is much happier w/the new remote.

You can find the hub/remote combo refurbs/used like new, etc., for as little as $69 on Amazon, an incredible deal.