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Ecolink Firefighter for automations in new app?


Hi All,

Wondering if anyone here is using the Ecolink Firefighter to detect traditional wired smoke/CO alarms? I just installed one using the Ecolink device handler. However I cannot get the new SmartThings app to work correctly with automations. For instance I created a simple automation to send a notification and it does not trigger when setting off the alarms. The Firefighter is detecting the sound.

There seem to also be a couple quirks with selecting the fields to trigger on. For instance I have two options for “Smoke Detector”. I have tried all three combos (CO detector, smoke, smoke) and none seem to send the notification when the alarm detects noise. I do get a default notification from the app which I suppose is good enough but this means I can’t automate anything using the new app. Has anyone gotten this to work? Thanks!

The new app also seems to be stuck showing “Checking status…”

(Kurt Jones) #2

Try using this DH.


Hi thanks for the reply. This is the same code available on the ecolink site which I am already using.

(Jimmy) #4

Switch it to the standard “z-wave smoke detector” handler. It supports the same capabilities.

(Kurt Jones) #5

I was allowed to add it to the smoke detectors in the SHM. Using the classic app most find friendlier too.


Using the standard “Z-wave smoke detector” does not support the same capabilities. It does not distinguish alarm based on smoke or CO. It also does not show tamper and temperature sensors. Also does not allow you to use these sensors as part of any automations.

(Jimmy) #7

It should. Make sure you’re using zwave smoke alarm and not zwave basic smoke alarm. True about the temperature and tamper, though.