New Chamberlain Garage Opener

Just saw Chamberlain’s new WiFi garage door opener online and it looks like it works with Wink. Wondering if anyone might be able get SmartThings working with it? Looks like this webpage is encouraging it… Would be nice to just have ST work directly with the opener versus having to install a relay switch to control it.

Maybe with the new ST Hub V2, but not the current ST model.

I bet the current community integrations would work.

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Oh that’s right, the new v2 hub is supposed to have WiFi capability, right? Actually, I just looked back here at the blog post they put up about the new hub and I noticed it says they’re going to have an official integration available with this Chamberlain opener. Has this not happened yet, hence the need to use this custom device type? Any idea if other garage door opener brands are adding this functionality?

You got it. But it will be coming.

Chamberlain is the only one I know of right now.

You could also use a dry contact relay.

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The LFM20 Evolve relay is for lighting fixtures. That’s what it’s UL rated for. It is not UL rated to control a garage door opener. I know a lot of people use it that way, but you should be aware that that’s what you’re doing.

There are several alternatives that are UL rated for unattended garage door opening, including the Linear GD00Z, which is quite popular in the community

And the Telgard, which is new, and so far most of the people saying that they have one have ties to that company. But certainly worth checking into.

You don’t need “WiFi” on the hub to control WiFi devices, as long as the hub is on the same network (LAN) as your WiFi router. In other words, Hub V1 can already communicate with many WiFi devices.

Yep. If there are cloud to cloud services, you can usually do it. But not all LAN options, and not websockets.

I know. I said “many”, not “all”.

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Very true. Totally depends on how you have it hooked up as well. My circuit does not control the motor. If you were providing power to the motor through the relay I would be worried. In my case I am just using the dry contact to trigger the motor.

I know UL doesn’t just test the power rating either. They do things like how reliable is it at opening the garage etc… So if that data is important then definitely go with the UL rated garage toggle.

There’s more to it than that, though. The UL 325 standard requires an audible alert before the door closes in unattended mode. MyQ has that as delivered by Chamberlain (although some of the community supplied code bypass that). The Linear and Telgard UL-listed garage door controllers also have it. Using the LFM 20 probably does not. How important people consider those kinds of safety features varies.


You got it :slight_smile:

I don’t give a fridge :stuck_out_tongue: