New Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook group for 3d printed HA related hardware

( Cosmo) #1

Hi everyone.
I have started a new buy/sell/trade group for people who have 3d printers and want to sell mounts and hardware related to home automation. From tablet mounts to voice assistant mounts, to custom enclosures for diy hardware, this group is for makers and buyers to connect.

It seems as the admins of some groups have made a business of making some of these products, and people have found themselves censured or even banned from the large groups as they have become competition.

The aim of this group is to connect people. Anyone who wants to sell or design may do so here, without unfair competition.
If you need something made, you can find people who may have already made what you need, or are willing to make something for you here as a user to user “design and print shop”.

Abuse won’t be tolerated, and users are encouraged to leave feedback of good transactions in the seller’s threads they buy through.