New ST SmartThings User Group on FB. (Not the strict group)

( Cosmo) #1

Hey guys and Gals,
I created a new user group on Facebook that I hope you’ll join.

There are a number of SmartThings related groups, and more Home Automation groups already. So why the new group? Why join?

The current “big group” has problems. The Admins in general have been rude to members and treat the group like a bunch of kids who’se conversations need to be policed.

Our new group has a couple of rules.

  • Treat each other with respect.
  • Act like adults.
  • no politics or religion
  • keep it HA related. Hardware, software, all ok, ST topics preferred

Come check out the group, please join. And please help make it a robust resource and respectful group.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

I presume you are referring to the super popular and helpful group (with 5600+ members and thousands of posts)?:

  1. IMHO, I don’t think it is “good internet etiquette” to criticize the nature of another community in this Community; nor take sideways swipes at its moderators, especially considering the tremendous achievements they and their members have made. If you have an issue with admins / moderators, I wish it wouldn’t have to be aired out here in “public” with disparaging remarks. Alternative groups need not put down existing ones. Go high, right … not low?

  2. Meanwhile, there are already at least two other existing and viable SmartThings groups on Facebook which could be nurtured, rather than starting yet another one from scratch:

I always prefer to see expressions of support and unity, rather than further division.

And on a personal note, clearly Facebook is a difficult place to use or run a “Forum” (the post format is far inferior to Discourse or other classic forum software); so, frankly, the fewer FB Groups I have to belong to, the better.

Perhaps if the new group was targeted towards a specific set of topics or demographic (e.g., like the UK group…), then there would be a little more sense.

Yet … goshdarnit, why not just keep leveraging and focusing on this official incredible longstanding SmartThings Community? It’s extremely powerful, generous, famous, and, I think you’d agree, it is moderated very lightly. No?!?

(Thanks for letting me share these respectful personal thoughts.)

New FB user group for ST users
( Cosmo) #3

EDIT: I didn’t change a thing below. There is absolutely nothing in this post that is controversial. If you flagged this post, please I ask, Would you mind replying as to why?

@tgauchat most often I’d agree with you.

True, anyone is free to join the other groups. I’m part of both, and find hem to be great groups. I created the new group for the purpose of having an open group, that simply is respectful of its members. I suppose at least with the first group, it is a bit redundant.
If the group doesn’t serve the community well I’ll shut it down.

As to being critical… when admins berate people publicly for making a polite suggestion to be more inclusive and respectful of their users… well I’m sorry but I’m not going to sing kumbaya and suggest anyone be part of a group whose admins are outright abusive to members.

I appreciate your opinion Terry, but I respectfully disagree with not speaking out when a group is badly mismanaged.

(John C) #4

Couldn’t agree more, Terry!

Often wonder the same. For some, an alternate perspective, I suppose. Others — particularly moderators — it can be a power trip. Moderating takes an extreme level of patience most folks don’t possess…

JMO :grimacing:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #5

While just numbers don’t say everything, I find it difficult to believe that a very active Group with nearly 6000 members is “badly managed”. I don’t know the particulars of the type of moderation choices that have been made, but I presume it is just a few folks affected who genuinely feel “wronged”.

Forming a new Group is fine (though, as mentioned, seems excessive given the existing choices!); but I suggest taking a breather and be sure it is not being done out of spite or other negative reasons. A Group ought to be built on its own merits and positive foundation, otherwise it won’t survive its own mistakes.

Sigh… drama, drama, drama.

I kinda repeat: Easiest way to avoid the drama here? Step away from Facebook and maximize the value you and we all get from this Community. We ought to be incredibly grateful that its moderators (i.e., SmartThings) give us more freedom of expression than I’d ever expect from a product’s vendor. There doesn’t seem to be any ulterior motives here … isn’t that enough?

( Cosmo) #6

Gotta ask… Then why did you join the group?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #7

In order to ensure I maximize exposure and marketing opportunities for ActionTiles.

While we take care not to “spam” any Group or Forum, there are plenty of folks who are looking for tablet / dashboard solutions, and I gotta be right there to offer AT as much as possible, as well as answer AT (and related) support questions that inevitably work themselves into group posts or comments.

I also try to contribute assistance and thoughts on non-ActionTiles Topics to ensure I’m “giving back” to the communities in exchange for the slight intrusion of plugging our commercial product.

But you see… There’s no easy way to automate this on Facebook. Folks don’t tend to use the “@ActionTiles” handle to tag relevant posts and questions; and it takes a lot of manual effort to keep an eye on posts for relevant opportunities to chime in.

The more SmartThings Groups there are … the harder and harder this task becomes. But I have no choice but to try.

( Cosmo) #8

So you’re happy to be critical of the purpose of the group, you advocate for consolidation of groups, and it’s motivated at least in part by the difficulty of advertising actiontiles?


I hope you find the group accommodating and a useful place to have discussions and help promote actiontiles as it truly is a useful addition to ST.

But I will admit, I find at least part of your motivations slightly offputting.

Anyway, unless you have an objections, I’m gonna table my part of in this discussion. Cheers.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #9

I was hoping you’d have some respect for me being completely transparent about this particular motivation; though my other expressed feelings are also quite genuine.

But; obviously, I can’t tell you how to feel. I will admit, however, that to me, it seems that you are pretty easily “put-off”. That’s what I suspect spurred this rather “un-community-like” Topic to begin with. Oh well.

Cheers to you too, bud.

(Robin) #10

While I’m not going to get myself pulled into this debate about wether a new FB group is needed or not… I would like to comment on @cozdabuch’s flagged post above.

I cannot see anything that breaches the forum rules, it’s not insulting and expresses an opinion in a polite way.

I suspect the post has been flagged by users who disagree with the opinion rather than for a genuine concern?

Maybe one of the people that flaged the post would like to explain their reasons?

(Not Dexter) #11

I’d probably join, but a welcome thread with the admin of said group arguing with one of the most helpful ST community members about the topic ain’t a good look.

Enjoy your new group. :wave:

Edit: and for the record, Bob and Co. do a great job moderating the current group. As do the moderators here. Every other HA group I’ve been a part of has admins with ulterior motives (like smamming their own 3rd party referral links under the guise of a “how to” post). Props to The ST FB admins for keeping things in order, even if it offends those that want to stray waaay off topic.

(Mark) #12

I don’t see why terry shouldn’t be entitled to his own opinion. But since he has no control over this new Facebook group being created or not, it also seems entirely rational for him to maximize exposure of ActionTiles however he can.

I’ve never seen anything that he’s posted that could be even remotely considered spam or purely an advertisement. I’m sure we’d all agree he’s a very helpful and productive member of the community.

What is the harm in him looking out for his own economic self-interest at the same time?

I’d also agree with Robin that there didn’t seem to be anything in the flagged post that rose to the level of a personal attack, so I’m not sure why the flag was warranted either.

( Cosmo) #13

He is. I didn’t insinuate that he isn’t entitled. I just said I find it kind of offputting. Kind of like all the people who flagged my post because they didn’t agree with it rather than it really being against the rules.

Separately, As to the Bobs, they may do a good job keeping spam off the forum, but they do a pretty bad job at treating members with respect. Just cause everyone has joined that group as it was really the only one when they created it, and it just naturally grew, it doesn’t make it a good group.
Ask around, mainly Robert, the added on Admin has trouble speaking in a cordial tone. Members find themselves belittled and berated if he finds a post objectionable.

(Mark) #14

You’re right, sorry. I guess I meant I don’t see how there’s anything offputting about either the personal opinion he expressed, or his interest in getting exposure for the ActionTiles brand.

I barely use FB so I don’t have any experience with that user group. Good luck with yours though. And thanks for your work on the new WebCoRE forum.