New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

Samsung Aircon ODM by Yoau has been added

SkyHome has been added

EGLOO has been added

Awair has been removed from the list

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Were they the one many months ago that said they were having problems with the integration so they decided to drop it (or something along those lines)? The SmartThings website still lists them

Also interesting that they’re still listed under SmartThings Air

There was a support letter published at Reddit about 15 months ago, but as you noted, they continued to be listed as an official partner.

Looks like they still have an Ifttt integration, at least for some models.

They used to have a local access Groovy DTH as well for some models.

SafeTec has been added

KOCOM Home has been added

Popp Thermostat has been added


tenpl has been added (10+)

Looks like another Tuya platform product line.

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Devzone Yellow has been added (window treatment)

STSE Yellow has been added (remote/bottom)

JUNG has been added

Aqara has been added


This is a great addition. Hopefully E1 devices will be included too.


as usual, the brand is added prematurely. The pull requests to add the Aqara devices haven’t even been accepted yet.


So how long is this gonna take?

Yep, Aqara was removed today