New BHyve wifi water timer

(Patrick Mjoen) #1

Was at Walmart and found a new bluetooth/wifi water timer by orbit:

Per the site, there is a wifi hub so we should be able to integrate into ST… It already has an Alexa skill.


Unfortunately, just having Wi-Fi doesn’t mean it can integrate with SmartThings. See the FAQ ( this is a clickable link)

(Patrick Mjoen) #3

@JDRoberts I do understand that having wifi does not guarantee connectivity to ST, but saw that they have an API. We should be able to utilize the API for this connectivity.

(Glen King) #4

I would not go for something like this. I like the idea, it’s just a little pricey for a one-zone unit.

I think there’s a 4-zone unit out there for around a hundred bucks. Here it is, the Melnor RainCloud:

Or I just recently picked up a brand new Skydrop 8-zone controller, $50 brand new. Attach it to a single remote valve, and for the same $70 you get a single zone with built-in expandability. (And can already interact with SmartThings via IFTTT.)

But as JD says, choice is good… if it works for you, go for it.

(David Finkelstein) #5

Where did you get a skydrop controller for $50

(David Finkelstein) #6

Where did you see their API? I am willing to tackle some of this if there is a published api

(Patrick Mjoen) #7

Looks like they haven’t released an API yet…

(Glen King) #8

It shows up on my Amex bill as a paypal purchase, for $59.98, in November 2017.
The merchant is not listed.