[DEPRECIATED] Orbit Bhyve Controller - Hose Faucet Timer Integration SmartApp

This project in no longer supported for SmartThings as the updated ST Mobile UI has too many issues and a undetermined future. Therefore, I have decided to provide only a Hubitat version going forward.


Oh sweet, I had your other one installed but this looks better, will install shortly

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Thanks @Joe_Mcnelly,

I decided to put some extra effort into this 2nd version which runs entirely on the SmartThings platform as a groovy smartApp connecting the the b•hyve™ API. This v2 version will detect the On/Off state of the b•hyve™ hose timer at the designated frequency of API polling the b•hyve™ server set in the Orbit BHYVE CONTROLLER SmartApp preference. I have my SmartApp set at 2 minutes polling frequency which is a compromise of polling frequency and response time to state change.

In this version, one has the option of receiving either/both a SMS and/or Push message when a b•hyve™ hose faucet timer change state of watering. One can setup a WebCore™ piston to create creative home automation routines based on changes in the hose faucet timer state or metadata.

Because of the limitations of the sandboxed SmartThings groovy server platform :radioactive:, I am unable to create a websocket API connection to the b•hyve™ server in which to allow one to programmatically switch on/off the b•hyve™ hose faucet timer, set the timer duration, etc. I have some early coding in this app ready for a V3 in which I may interface with a local RPi server running a Flask/MQTT/NodeJs server for proxying this capability, but for now, that is work in progress.

So if anyone out there has a suggestion as to how to easily connect SmartThings App to a websocket API, please feel free to PM me to discuss/help.

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For those Action Tiles users…



Impacting Change V2.02

For those who have added this V2, please note that I am making changes to the APP and DTH to reflect the following attributes. This change will reflect that a b•hyve™ faucet hose timer acts more like a Valve than a Switch. Please note if you have installed V2.01 and setup an event for Switch.


  • attribute: Switch


  • attribute: Valve

Version 2.02 is now online and reflects the attribute of a Valve!

@kurtsanders, Just installed V2 and all looks good except that app does not appear to pull on his own. I set it for 2 minutes just to test but nothing unless if I click the “play” button on the app and then instantly it updates. Any idea? THX Stefano

Dear @sfiorini,

I checked my recent Orbit Bhyve Controller install and it is auto refreshing. So let’s check a few things before I uninstall my version and reinstall:

  1. Does your Orbit b•hyve™ Controller device tile state a ‘Refresh Auto X mins’ as this screen print shows below? And if so, is the ‘Tile Last Refreshed at’ date & time within the stated mins for an Auto Refresh?

2.Let check the SmartApp’s ‘Installed SmartApp’s settings’ which will verify if a cron schedule is defined.

  • Goto https://graph.api.smartthings.com/location/list
  • There are 5 columns in this view, and the last column is ‘Installed SmartApps’. Click on the link labeled ‘smartapps’ which will display ALL the smartApps that are running on your Home SmartThings account.
  • Scroll until you see the SmartApp called Orbit Bhyve Controller, click on that hyperlink.
  • You should see a table on that page called Scheduled Jobs, like mine below:
  • The table displays the refresh schedule job. Do you have an entry for a refresh job?

Thanks for helping with this issue.

Thanks Kurt,

It works now and probably did work all along. I have 5 devices and all refreshing as scheduled.

Great work in this integration!!


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Got everything integrated into SmartThings without any issues. Going to start on scheduling them through SmartThings! Great job!

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I going to keep working on this SmartApp over the next few weeks to:

  1. Add more scheduling Refresh choices between 1-10 minutes and eliminate the longer choices. Most of us have watering cycles that fire off for 15-30 minutes and the SmartApp needs to frequently poll the bhyve API server to get the status of the devices and set the SmartThings events.
  2. Explore a means to allow the integration a Rpi-Webhooks-SmartThings real-time connection for those of us wanting immediate device updates from a push protocol rather than current polling. This would allow allow access to flow rate, etc.

If you have any suggestions for enhancements, let me hear em!

Orbit Bhyve Controller :new:

** Version 2.03 ** :new:

Install ReadMe Page

Major Feature in 2.0x:

  1. Added support for showing & capturing the ‘open’ or ‘closed’ events of the Bhyve Timer device(s).
  2. Updated the Tile layout.
  3. Display next start time date, rain delay date, and duration in days, hours, mins to next start time.
  4. SMS and Push Alerts for ‘open’ or ‘closed’ device events
  5. :new: Added API server polling frequencies from 1-10 minutes in user preferences
  6. :new: Added ‘Power’ attribute for reporting ‘gallons’ rate as reported by the b•hyve™ device api. This will allow Action Tile users to see this rate.
  7. :new: Display ‘Mins Remaining’ value to the ‘level’ control on Multi Tile. Although one can change the level on this tile, it will have no action and be reset to the actual Mins Remaining at next refresh.

ST GitHub Settings for 2.03

Name Value
Owner kurtsanders
Name: STOrbitBhyveController
Branch master

Required Files MUST be installed and published to your SmartThings IDE Repositories (Use ‘:arrow_down:Update from Repo’)

IDE Repository Filename Status
My SmartApps kurtsanders : Orbit Bhyve Controller Updated V2.03
My Device Handler kurtsanders : Orbit Bhyve Sprinkler Timer Updated 2.03
My Device Handler kurtsanders : Orbit Bhyve Bridge UnChanged

Required: Please run Orbit Bhyve Controller SmartThings SmartApp setup after installing these updated files.

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Hi, glad to see Orbit changed their tune regarding API availability. I have a 6 zone wifi indoor/outdoor model and when I saw no smartthings integration, I contacted them regarding an API or some way for 3rd party control, they replied, nope, no can do.

since this is for the hose timer, do you know if the 6 zone controllers might also be controllable? The ios and android apps don’t show valve status (accurately), a couple of times the app showed timer was off and in fact valves were still open. anyway, just curious if its possible to control other b-hyve models with your app or it’s a lot of effort to add other models.

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Dear @hitechabyss,

Let’s see how this :new: 3.0 beta version of STOrbitBhyveController works with your 6 zone wifi indoor/outdoor model. Make sure you select the files from the beta branch of the github which has many code changes from the stable v2 release. Follow the install instructions here

If you run into install/configure errors, please send me a PM on this forum and we can see how I can work to accomodate a b•hyve™ 6 zone wifi indoor/outdoor model.

Good luck!

Hi, thanks for the pointer, sorry for the lag, I guess I can’t reply to the email, and to be honest I forgot where I posted the question.

So, it’ll probably be a little while before I figure out how to create an app, I’m a complete n00b … I’ll read the instructions you included, but given how long I tried getting my own app to work without luck, we’ll see how this goes.


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I sent you a private message (PM) to discuss some options.

Hi Kurtsanders,

Thanks for you awesome work on this. I also have the 6 zone indoor/outdoor timer. I think I am able to get most of the way through the setup… I am able to get it all setup in the “My SmartApps” section of the ide.

Can only do one image per post since i’m new… Check following reply’s for rest of question.

I can also discover and see it in my smartthings classic app. I’m then able to follow the prompts to get logged in, and set my polling interval etc…:

Post 2 out of 3

but I can’t figure out how to add my timer to a room. Everytime i go back to “My Home” it’s not showing up there. Also if I click the + in the upper right to add a device nothing shows up. I feel like i’m close, but not all the way there. Could you help me with this last piece?

Thank you!
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Dear @camwise,

I will PM you since you might be one of the first users of this bhyve faucet timer with the 6 zone indoor/outdoor timer. There might be some tweaking to the current code to recognize this model.

I’m about to try this on the 12 zone indoor/outdoor timer. I’ll keep you guys posted to what I find.
(I have Raccoons tearing up my lawn and am trying to connect my sprinklers to a motion detector through webCoRE:) )

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