[New] Apple HomePod mini (October 13, 2020)

Are we about to find out if Apple is releasing a new HomePod mini and perhaps a new Apple TV. Stay tuned! The announcement is about to be made. :slight_smile:

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BTW, rumors have been that both of those devices would have microlocation capability, something people have been waiting for in inexpensive home automation for a long time. Apple’s got patents on hardware and processes for this, but they haven’t yet released anything that uses it.

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Ooooh, shiny! :heart_eyes:

Specs have been released. Some cool stuff (some clearly for not yet released features)

  1. yes, it is an UltraWideband base station Which means microlocation with regards to iPhones and… (Wait for it) the new Apple Watch six! Yes, a wearable.

It’s not clear what exactly they’re going to do with it yet, but so… Many… Possibilities.

One of the most significant new additions to the HomePod mini is a new feature that will allow it to act as an Ultra-Wideband base station to precisely locate U1-equipped devices, like the iPhone and Apple Watch Series 6.
Apple says that HomePod mini will be receiving a “magical” Handoff experience. A HomePod mini will understand when an iPhone is nearby and provide audio, visual, and haptic feedback, so it feels like two Apple devices are physically connected.

  1. this is the first Apple device with a thread radio built-in. Hmmmm… Footnote say it’s still only going to work with HomeKit devices for now but this pretty clearly is a potential project chip vector.
  1. The new intercom feature doesn’t just work between multiple HomePod: they can also include a message to linked Apple Watches and iPhones.

The new speaker also adds a new Intercom feature that lets family members send messages between HomePods. Family members can choose whether to talk to people in a different room, a specific zone, or throughout the home. Intercom also works with other Apple devices, so family members will receive a notification and can reply even if they aren’t near a HomePod.

  1. at $99, this is now the least expensive HomeKit hub device.

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The HomePod mini is available to order :slight_smile:

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There are a couple of companies with homekit products adding thread support: Eve and Nanoleaf.

On a side note: Roku has added homekit support. Nice!

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, another temperature sensor. Fine…when are they going to use the UWB for something other than handoffs? :thinking:

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