KLUG Smarter Home (pre release)

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I dont see any additional value in this. All of this can be easily done in ST… And a lot more especially with rule machine.

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Indiegogo prerelease. It’s all just marketing for now. And not very convincing marketing. They say this:

KLUG not only supports control through a mobile app, but also seamlessly integrates with your favorite home automation systems like Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo.

And then give a timeline which shows three months from initial product run to shipping.

No one gets a HomeKit device approved in three months.

There’s also this, which is more realistic, but also weird given that they are basing it on zigbee (no zwave)

this moment, a single KLUG Home can communicate with at least 20 devices.

A limit of 20 devices for a “context aware” home automation system based on multiple sensors? Maybe if you live in a one room apartment.

Nothing anywhere about how they solve the “what is a room?” Micro location issue which typically requires three sensors per room. (Everything except PIR motion sensors detect through walls, so telling the difference between the kitchen and the family room is very difficult until you use multiples in a zone. And since they are promising that their system knows who is in the room, it can’t just be motion sensors.)

So I agree. With the exception of the microlocation and HomeKit compatibility, other systems already on the market can do everything that this one is promising. And with a limit of 20 sensors, they can’t solve microlocation unless they got something new and patented, and they don’t.

And promising HomeKit compatibility brings the credibility of everything else they’re saying into question. It just can’t be done in the timeframe they give. Plus they don’t seem to understand apple’s rules about bridges. I don’t want to get into all of those details but what they describe just isn’t possible under the rules of the homekit program.

I suspect what they really mean is that they’re going to have an Apple Watch app. But that is not the same thing as having HomeKit compatibility.

Anyway, I would definitely wait for this one to come to market before evaluating it for use.

As you’ve noted before Indiegogo/Kickstarter/GoFundMe == Vaporware. Besides, I read “Kludge”, which is not a good name for an HA system.

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Wow, is this promo video lame and I am pretty sure illegal activities were going on in this video too. It would be a great story if this ended up being the best platform one day based on this alone.

  1. additional value?
    The simplest ‘additional value’ to find here is the same as any other…that they exist.
    New, fresh ideas and concepts (even if it bombs, we could earn something, because the book is still being written), competition, etc.

  2. ST can do more?
    Well, yes, of course, and that’s why we’re all here right now. However, whether or not redundancy exists is irrelevant. Even though I actually prefer McDonald’s (ya, I know…a gross thought to ever say out loud), sometimes I still go to Burger King once in a while. They each have things that I like better. Of course, if I had my head on straight, I wouldn’t ever eat anything from either of them, but that’s another repair session.

  3. vaporware?
    Yep, and so was SmartThings at one point. If nobody saw it and went to check it out, it still would be (of course, some probably think it still is, but we know better…right?).

  4. the Name?
    Ya, it had the same initial effect on me, but oh well. A name is a name. Too bad we don’t have separate letters to represent the different sounds a G can make (e.g. George and Greg), because the G in that name is obviously the Greg kind, and it’s getting a bad wrap. lol

  5. lame promo?
    Perhaps if we’re expecting perfection from a billion dollar company, but come on. For what it is and the stage they’re at, I was able to watch it and just enjoy it for what they were trying to say.

  6. illegal activities?
    Where? I guess I’m that dense (well…ya…I AM that dense), but I didn’t notice.
    I totally agree that this would be a great story if this one ended up being the best someday. Heck, even if it were only really, really good at one thing, it would end up as a great story if it got bought or something.

For me, ‘alternatives’ are not about trying to find something INSTEAD of ST.
Rather, it’s about seeing what’s out there, what ideas people have, etc.
a. is there any way I can add this new thing into my current HA setup (even as a play-thing, or a gag)?
b. does it work any better than any of the other 10 or 20 alternates I’ve been playing with?
c. is there any chance of it even working as a temporary HA system (even for only a small portion of my devices) until the one I’m counting on now gets fixed?
d. are there any ideas or concepts that they seem to focus on that could enhance ST if adopted as part of this platform?
(i.e. this post in another thread).

When it comes to useful concepts, etc it doesn’t even need to actually exist yet. It’s all about the marketplace of ideas.

I was referring to the prostituiton scene right before the porn music came on!

Not illegal in Singapore (where this company is based). Just sayin’… :wink:

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Not interested. These devices that claim to learn about you are ridiculous. If I wake up in the middle if the night it turns the kitchen on and makes coffee? Oops. Teenager sneaks out at night and no signal but resets alarm? Great. Temperature changes based on who knows what logic with no consideration given to what I’m wearing or what blanket I’m using? No thanks. It might be successful. Goid luck to them. Also “Klug” is disturbingly close to the word “Kludge.”

Sorry, missed both (why can’t it just be somebody’s girlfriend?..and what constitutes ‘porn music’ anyway?).
I guess I just don’t have as rich of a life as you lol :slight_smile: