Microlocation with Smartwatches

Continuing the discussion from Myo by Thalmic Labs:

Didn’t want to hijack your Myo thread, but the short answer is smart watches. Many analysts expect bluetooth-based microlocation with high xAF to arrive with HomeKit, which is already included on the watch side in the new Apple Watch that drops in a few weeks. (Now we just need the HomeKit enabled devices that can actually do something in the home!)

I personally don’t expect to see practical market available usage until Summer 2016, but I do expect to see it then, both from an Apple side and a competing Samsung side.

And probably, as @copyninja already mentioned, from somebody else using Pebble.

It’s an obvious fit and there are already big companies working on it. :ocean:

My guess is Philips Hue will be one of the first to be wired into home kit. You name any platform which provides integration, they are always supported.

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