New app missing "Replace" for Z-wave devices

Has the option to replace a sensor been removed from the New ST? If not, can someone direct me to the option?

I realize I can still use Classic to replace a sensor, but, as I understand it Classic will be toast in October…

Replace is not in the new app

Maybe others have better reliability with sensors than I do, but I’ll miss that feature. It’s a lot of work to redo scenes and automation just because a sensor had to be replaced.


@SmartThings no answer here? This is kindofa big deal - do you have a best practices for us?

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I tried to replace a z-wave device tonight, and apparently we’re now completely locked out of the old app. And still no replace option in the new app. Pathetic!

I’ve been debating moving to a different platform for awhile since Samsung keeps making things worse. Yet another push away from Smartthings. Good job!

Just here for a “me too”. Had to replace my first device since the old app was decommissioned. Huge PITA.


I’m still missing the option to use this feature in ST… Nobody else???

It was removed in the new app…no one has it anymore

I have reached out to Smartthings support a few months ago and the only option they provided was to re-add the device. This is a terrible experience especially when you have multiple smart apps connected and you now have to update them all…

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To make matters more difficult, they also took away the smart app mapping. It was really easy to see where each device was used. Not so easy now.

You can look at the device in the IDE to get the details unfortunately they have removed a lot of useful things with this transition.

@SmartThings Is there a road map or anything for parity with the old app? I actually used replace more than a few time and it saved me lots of time from having to redo other settings.

Its particularly worse for 3+ way switches where you have to redo the minimote pairing.

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