New App isn't showing Ecobee devices on "Add Device" screen

I have a current-version SmartThings hub (2018) that I bought in december 2018. I bought it so I could use the Z-Wave functionality of a Kwikset smart lock. I had a terrible time setting up the lock, but I eventually got it to work by using the Classic SmartThings app on my iPhone to do a network exclusion and then add the lock as a generic Z-Wave lock in the “new” SmartThings iPhone app. The lock now appears to be working fine.

On Christmas, I got an Ecobee4 from my wife. I have the thermostat set up and working perfectly, using the Ecobee iPhone app. I have yet to be able to get it to show up in my SmartThings app.

In the “new” app: I click on “Devices” on the bottom, then on the devices page I click on “click here for devices that aren’t shown above…”, then on the list of icons I click on the one for thermostats. There are only three listed: Danfoss, Honeywell Lyric, and Netatmo. No Ecobee.

When I use the “Classic” app, I go to marketplace -> thermostats, and then that page is completely blank.

I contacted Ecobee and they got back to me almost immediately with screenshots of what the “new” SmartThings app should show, and the screen they had listing thermostats showed 8 different brands, with, presumably, more off-screen.

I have contacted SmartThings through email 3 times, and have yet to hear back from them with anything other than an automated notification.

This is a similar issue to what I experienced when adding the Kwikset lock, but since it’s a Z-Wave device and not internet-to-internet like the Ecobee4 it didn’t matter because the hub could understand it as a generic lock (that’s my imperfect understanding at least). Even now there is no Kwikset entry in the “add things” section of the app, and the lock shows up on the app’s “Devices” page by the name I chose for it (“Front Door Lock”) but has no mention of Kwikset. (Not that it probably matters, but this is the Kwikset I have:

I read elsewhere on this forum that there may be an issue when you initially set up the hub that you could pick the wrong region somehow, and that could affect whether devices show up. IE, I could have picked Europe instead of the states and I could be seeing products only sold in the European market. Obviously anything is possible, but I don’t see how I could have made that error, and my Samsung account has my correct location listed. The posts I found about that were several years old, and were making reference to the Classic app’s “Marketplace”. I already had such a hard time getting the lock to pair in the first place that I’m leery of doing a factory reset on my hub like those posts suggested.

Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I have two small kids and my wife works most weekends, so I don’t have a ton of free time to troubleshoot. Thanks in advance!

You will probably need to contact smartthings support.

All the location stuff looks okay with the hub (the location has my lat/long coordinates and the time zone is set to LA). I do notice, though, that when I log in to it redirects to:

That “eu” in the url makes me think it must be a European server. Any idea if that’s just a flip of a load-balancing coin, or is that server somehow associated with my account now?

Yes, you shouldn’t be on a eu shard. As @TonyFleisher wrote, you will need to contact support to have them correct the regional issue preventing you from seeing the Ecobee thermostat. Hope they get it resolved for you soon. :slight_smile:

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