New App: how to see current state of Home, Away, Night?

Is there some way to see the state of Home, Away, Night in the new app? In Classic, all I had to do was select the options sidebar menu and it would say what mode I was in. This is particularly useful for testing routines, now automations.


While on the app dashboard, select the three dot menu and ‘Manage Location’ and it will be there.

I feel they could have tried harder …


Ah, thanks so much! I looked everywhere for it, or so I thought. I wish it could be a tile on the main page.

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Some people create a virtual switch to represent each location dark mode and then just turn it on and off as the mode changes. Then you can favorite the switches.

Ah thanks! I’ll have to try that. I have no virtual switches yet. Where do I start?

Why couldn’t they just stick this info there?..


I wouldn’t want it to merge info with STHM, but yes, why isn’t there a Location tile instead of the settings being buried? Hubs get tiles, STHM gets a big tile, and the Location gets nothing.

Also why can’t ‘Manage location’ edit the temperature unit? Either support it properly or tell us it is deprecated so we stop using it.