Where is night mode?

(Derek Gene DiCamillo) #1

Sorry I’m a newb. Looked all through the app and forum and can’t find night mode button. Am I crazy? I was able to get smart home monitor.

(Ron Talley) #2

Look in the Routines section in the Automation Tab in the SmartThings App. Typically, Good Night is assigned to changing Mode to Night.

Here’s the setting:

(John Crighton) #3

That is, unless you’re not using ‘ST Classic’.

I don’t think ‘Good Night’ is there in the new app. You could always create it though I suppose.

(Jimmy) #4

In the new app, you can change modes once you select your location from the drop down at the top.

(Derek Gene DiCamillo) #5

Ah found it thank you! This app sometimes isn’t super intuitive sometimes. :slight_smile: just switched over from vera.