New app existing automation VS new automation inconsistency

this one is an existing automation that i migrated from the old app and then edited on the new app. it allows me to both set the security mode and pick a scene. however, there is no option to select all or any condition:

this one is a new automation that i created from scratch in the new app. this one does not give the option to set the security mode. also when i pick run a scene that none of the other automations are running all scenes are grayed out in the pick list.

why the inconsistency?

thank you.

The first one might perhaps have the Location Mode set as a precondition. When there is only one actual condition there is no need for Any/All but sadly they don’t use an alternative way to delineate the preconditions, which is unfortunate.

The actions side of things seems strange. I know it is quite aggressive about perceived clashes between scenes and the automations, or between multiple scenes.

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you are right … looks like the migrated ones all have location mode set as a precondition.

yeah … why one automation can set the security mode and another has no option to. or why i can’t pick any scene from the newly created automation remains a mystery.

now able to set the security mode from this new automation.

still not able to pick a scene to run. hoping the gremlins will fix it tonight. :slight_smile: