Automation Routines Missing Options

Hello, please help. Not sure if i’m missing something or some options are different with the new App. in prior App, i was able to run a Automation routine. my “GOOD MORNING”. routine.
1- motion sensor between 0500 - 1000 is activated.
2- turn on Kitchen Light
3- change Security mode to Disarm

in the new App. there are 2 missing option.
1- i cant set the motion between a any given time. it’s motion any time i pass it all day.
2- when setting up the routine. there is no option to set the security mode to disarm…

please help.
thank you

You should be able to set up something like this and it should work:

You are correct this is no longer an option, it been covered throughly on the forums already.

There are no “routines“ in the new V3 app. They have been changed to a combination of “scenes“ and “automations.“

It sounds like your previous routine may have been changed into a scene, but you need some of the features that are only available in automations.

Try clicking on the + in the upper right and choosing “automation“ and see if you can do what you want there.

Also, just because you might have some additional questions, here’s the community FAQ on scenes and automations.

FAQ: How to Run Scenes and Automations (New V3 App) (2020)

As mentioned above, you should be able to do everything you want as an Automation in the new app. You should no longer use the Classic app for anything other than troubleshooting after the migration.