New app contact sensor status change announcements?

In the Smartthings classic app, with SHM, I had it to where when a contact sensor state change (open/close), it would be announced on my Samsung speaker. It would appear that this is no longer supported in the new app/platform, or I’m missing where to set this? Is there anyway to do this natively or do I need to look into third-party smartapps to bring back this functionality?

Thank you!

You can use automations…

Use Notify someone and read message aloud

Thanks! Would this imply that I need to build automations for each sensor and state, one for open and one for close? I remember in SHM, you just picked the sensors and it was auto-magic, so to speak.

Yep, lots of automations are needed…lots :wink:

You can also look at webcore since you have Samsung speakers. Not an option for those with Sonos.

Try this app, it’s a little closer to auto magic , just select all your sensors and it’ll announce or send a notification

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